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RE: [gaykingdom] Translations

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  • William J. Freeman
    Send them here first, We ll vet them and forward them to the necessary folks. Bill Freeman freeman@gaycourt.org High Court of the Gay Kingdom 2201 Sixth
    Message 1 of 8 , Dec 21, 2004
      Send them here first,  We'll vet them and forward them to the necessary folks.
      Bill Freeman
      High Court of the Gay Kingdom
      2201 Sixth Avenue South
      Birmingham, AL.  35233
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      Where should translations be sent?

      --- Bill <wjf@...> wrote:

      > Hi all,
      > We are presently working on Spanish translation for
      > the gaycourt.org site, but would
      > appreciate someone fluent in French, and other key
      > languages, helping us get our
      > sites accessible to the rest of the world.  The UN
      > has provided us with the Universal
      > Declaration in what appears to be every language
      > there is (a 40mb file).  Now all we
      > have to do is get the rest translated.  :D
      > If someone is fluent in Spanish, it'd be nice to
      > have second and third opinions regarding
      > translations before we post them.  We've already
      > learned that translations may differ
      > substantially based on who is interpreting.
      > Also, thank you guys and gals for understanding just
      > how overwhelming some of our work
      > has been so far.  It has certainly been a lesson for
      > me in exactly how long it takes for
      > things to happen in a (mostly) structured and
      > orderly manner.
      > Season's greetings, and
      > Thanks,
      > -Bill Freeman
      >  gaycourt.org

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