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Unity....The Undiscovered Country

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  • Todd Rogers
    Hello all, I am not surprised at the opinions that have been expressed on this fledgling group, especially where it concerns Americans and whatever has been
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 18, 2004
      Hello all,

      I am not surprised at the opinions that have been expressed on this
      fledgling group, especially where it concerns Americans and whatever
      has been perceived as our role in the formation of The Kingdom, but I
      daresay such a notion is categorically false.

      I have many friends in Oz, and they look upon us in the USA with a mix
      of awe and pity. The last 4 years of American Politics have been a
      lamentable blight upon the very "way of the world", and the next 4
      years will probably be even more so.

      Our "President" (dare he ever TRULY be such an animal) has the
      intelligence level of a pre-schooler, and his skills as a "uniter, not
      a divider" has become the biggest joke since the invention of silly putty.

      The face of our political idealism has been horribly scarred by the
      cheating, hate-mongering and unaccepting "moral majority", whom are
      truly not moral, but a horribly distorted facsimile, all preaching
      inclusivity for anyone that thinks like them and condemnation for
      everyone else.

      I have never voted for a Bush. My last two choices for President were
      cheated out of their rightful place in the Oval Office because
      Republicans (the majority of them), are hell-bent on character
      assasination, lies and distortions, while tooting their own horns in
      the face of their OWN infidelities.

      I have never seen a "class" of political persuasion be more
      hypocritical as I have seen in the Republican Party. And to any
      American who knows their history, Republicans have always been a
      fringe party known for their radicalist views and their seething,
      underlying hatred of anything/anyone different from themselves.

      Why else did slavery in our country endure for as long as it did? And
      how utterly shocking was it that a Republican put an end to it, and
      then lost his life for what he believed in?

      Bush has lied repeatedly to the American People and to the world. He
      lied about uniting our country and bringing our allies closer while
      keeping a tight leash on our enemies.

      Bush has lied about being tolerant of differing views. On countless
      interviews during his first campaign for President he said that all
      Americans deserved a piece of the American Dream. How "unfair and
      unjust" it is for any voice to be silent.

      His words (like his "Presidency") is so much useless flotsam.

      The problem with us Americans is that we have a remarkably short
      collective memory.

      How 55 MILLION of us voted against Bush and he still "won" with 10
      MILLION MORE votes than he got in the 2000 Election is totally
      stupifying to us in light of all the lies and distortions this man and
      his cronies have perpetuated!

      Now, this man is on the attack against gays and lesbians in this
      country. Bush is seeking to undo 35 years of forward progress in
      basic human rights for our Community.

      Bush's proposal for a Constitutional Amendment banning same sex
      marriage is as faulty and impossible as his so-called "mandate" in the
      last election. How half of Americans could ever want such a man as
      Bush in office is totally counter to everything we have held sacred in
      the past.

      What has been so refreshing about Australians has been their utter
      acceptance of all walks of life, their love of freedom and of a free

      This Gay Kingdom has come at a most opportune time in Gay History.
      The sun is shining brightly (and I hear the temperature quite
      moderate) as a beacon to those of us who live under the dark cloud of

      So let us all not forget that we have a very unique opportunity here
      to unite as one people. It shouldn't ever matter who starts what or
      where or why. It should only matter that someone cared enough to
      offer safe haven to any who would have the courage to pioneer a new
      land of seemingly unlimited opportunity.

      Warmest Regards to all,

      Happy Holidays!

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