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Re: a gay nation

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  • Viktor Zimmermann
    Dear Sally, what s your definition for troublemaker ? If this is somebody who is asking too many questions, which other people are unwilling to answer
    Message 1 of 8 , Jan 27, 2006
      Dear Sally,

      what's your definition for "troublemaker"? If this is somebody who is
      asking too many questions, which other people are unwilling to answer
      honestly, so yes - I am. I love asking questions.

      Indeed, upon I began asking questions, some other people began to do
      alike. The answers were not satisfying - you can't seriously blame ME
      for this? The "gayrepublic group" was formed by individuals, who have
      left this group by free pieces anyway, or were urged to leave. I never
      was telling the world anything more, than Mr. Freeman and Mr. Per├ęz
      are telling now as well (see gaykingdom.org) - just a couple of
      monthes earlier. And, if you please, what have I to do with the final
      break-up between Mr. Anderson and the rest of his kingdom? No, dear -
      it was a logical consequence, and most of the troubles were caused by
      Mr. Anderson himself - he proved to be extremely gifted in loosing
      trust from many good people, who at beginning took this project
      seriously and invested lots of time and work into it.

      Now to my own business, upon request. Well, a "recent threat of suing"
      from Gunnar? Not at all recent and, no offense - Gunnar talks lot of
      things when he is angry. ;D You can ask him if you wish - he is member
      of this group. As for "lies and rumor" you should check the "Gayzette"
      in this group's file section (with official apologize from "HIM Dale"
      for fraudulent pictures on the old website), as well as the new
      gaykingdom.org website - obviously, in the meanwhile Dale is the only
      one who believes the very fairytales he told us 1 year ago. Our
      website was changed 3 monthes after the conflict with Dale and this
      occasion had nothing to do with him or his "legal actions". I hope
      this helps.

      Generally, it is nothing dishonest or compromizing to be sued by
      certain people - it only indicates that one has crossed their
      interests in some way. And, no offense - Dale would have had his
      reasons to actually NOT going to the court - his chances to win the
      threatend lawsuit were not that good, I guess.

      Semper Augustus,

      Vicky :)

      --- In gaykingdom@yahoogroups.com, "someonenotfamous"
      <someonenotfamous@y...> wrote:
      > Victor, you of all people should practise what you preach!!! You
      > were one of the main trouble makers and are one of the people who
      > caused much damage to the kingdom and formed the breakaway republic
      > group, you then posted lies and rumour on your gat republic web site
      > that resulted in HIM Dale taking legal action against you and you
      > had to remove the offending information, you have also had to endure
      > other legal threats against you by members of your own republic
      > group such as Gunther and his recent threat of suing you, so maybe
      > you should take a look at yourself before lectuing others.
      > Sally
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