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About a gay nation

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  • kinnetic_b
    About a gay nation Once there was a movement full of ideals which purpose was to found a gay nation. But what happened to that movement? What happened to the
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      About a gay nation

      Once there was a movement full of ideals which purpose was to found
      a gay nation. But what happened to that movement? What happened to
      the gay state? Is this all over, just because some people were not
      able to get along with each other? I don't want to blame anyone! But
      this movement seems to be dead.

      The holocaust on the gay and lesbian people is the longest lasting
      genocide in the entire history of the world. It's everywhere. From
      the struggle for the gay marriage till the struggle for life. There
      are still gays, lesbians and transsexuals who are prosecuted,
      tortured and murdered just because of their sexual identity. Because
      of what they are, because of that we are. We can't accept that
      anymore. It can only be ended with a homestead for the gay tribe.
      The establishment of a gay state is not about yet another place to
      fuck. It's about life. A save place for all the queer people. A
      place of absolute human rights. Where we can be what we are. Where
      we are free.

      It's not about asking for something it's about taking what is ours.
      We make 5 - 10 % of the worlds population! We are only a minority if
      we allow us to be one. In January 2006 there were 6,519 billions
      humans on earth, that means that here are approximately 326 till 652
      million humans who are not straight! Just to compare: There are only
      298 million US-Americans. We are one of the biggest peoples on
      Forget the minority! Forget the discrimination! Forget the begging
      for more rights! When we all will stand as one we can be what ever
      we want to be!
      This sounds elevated but this is the truth. Once a man called
      Theodor Herzl said "Wenn Ihr wollt, ist es kein Märchen!" "If you
      want it, it's not a fairy tale" and he proved to be right. In 1948
      the state of Israel was founded. Even this was under different
      cirumstances the message is still the same: It will be if you want
      Against all antanogism and all hate we have to stand up for our
      rights! Unified we can reach our high goal.

      And even it sounds exaggerated, allow yourself to dream again:
      What about a Gay Intervention Forces? Such a group could act world
      wide an intrude a state such as Iran and rescue gay men (mostly
      they are gay men) who were sentenced to death because of what they
      are. You think this is crazy. I think this is possible. Just
      imagine. Take a moment to think about it. Fighting the injustice we
      could save lifes.
      And to go a step further, what about Unified Gay Forces? Some sort
      of a gay army. Although I am against violence we need to protect
      ourselves and those who are like us. This can also be a first step
      for the founding of our state. We will need protection then, too.

      The main question is: Where should we erect our state?
      Although this is a very important question, i think this is not that
      urgent. At first we should found a Organzation which only purpose is
      finding a homestead for the gay tribe. Then we could establish the
      Gay Intervention Forces. Not until the gay tribe is unified we could
      think of founding a national state with own territories. This is the
      last and final step. There's a lot to be done before we are ready
      for that.

      Only together we can change something (that includes you)

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