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One Sky - Chapter 8 : Just another day

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  • ridgeet roy
    Just another day ... As Manish helped his brother up the stairs to his room, Shelly smirked at the thought of her half-brother being bed-ridden for weeks.
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      Just another day
      As Manish helped his brother up the stairs to his room, Shelly smirked at the thought of her half-brother being bed-ridden for weeks. After all, what could be a bigger punishment to a hardcore party boy but to make him chained to his bed … especially with all the Christmas and New Year Parties around the corner. “Serves him right”, mused Shelly.
      “Now wipe off that grin, Miss”.
      Shelly was brought back to reality by the gruff sound of Margaret, their housekeeper, nanny, maid, cook and a thousand other roles. A role she has been playing for 3 decades now. She has followed Madhavi Kumar with dedication, picking up the pieces of her life, raising her three children, and occasionally, lending her shoulders at certain week moment for the now famous criminal lawyer to cry on …
      “What’s your problem?” retorted a bitter Shelly. She had always detested the saintly disposition of Margaret, and especially the fact that she was the one who had been instrumental in convincing Madhavi to bring Aayush in this family. And thus driving away Daddy…
      “The least you can do is to show your brother a little sympathy
      “He is not my brother
      “Please Miss. Do not have such thoughts in your mind.”
      “Mind your own business.”
      Margaret sighed after Shelly stormed out of the room. She was once such a sweet pretty girl. If only she would understand that Aayush didn’t  cause her parent’s to divorce, but it was …
      Margaret shuddered when she entered Aayush’s room. They didn’t allow her to visit him in the hospital. She prayed that whoever has done this must be punished. She motioned Manish to leave his brother alone for sometime, and quickly opened the windows. After all, he had never been able to stay in a closed room.
      Aayush grinned at Margaret’s action. She had always been there for him. Margaret pretended not to look at him, and continued to do tid-bits around the room. Aayush sensed she was shocked to see his condition, but continued to wait and watch. Manish guessed that the two needed some time alone, so left the room.
      “Are you angry on me?”
      “Why should I be angry, Master Aayush? You stood up for your brother. Even though he was at fault, but still you supported to correct his steps, and that’s not a fault in the eyes of our lord.”
      “I am sorry
      Margaret looked at Aayush. She had never been lucky to bore a child. But when she took this child in her arms 25 years ago, she never felt any void in her life.
      “There is nothing to be sorry about, Master Aayush. Please rest. I will bring you some soup shortly
      Aayush watched Margaret leave the room. Now he was all alone.
      “I cannot understand why you need that girl’s number. You gave her advice, and now its over. Sajan, you are taking this issue a bit too seriously.”
      I gave Urmi a cold stare. She rolled her eyes in frustration and then nodded and proceeded towards her desk.
      I was determined to locate that girl, Sweta. After all, it was hard for her, or anyone, as a matter of fact, when one feels that their parents are heading for a divorce. I knew how tough it had been for me, and now I know someone else out there is going through the same.
      As I waited for Urmi’s signal to start today’s show, my mind kept going back to her words.
      “Good Morning, Bangalore! Welcome to today’s show with me, Dr. Sajan Grewal. If you have some problems you wish to share, and also help guide others out there who are possibly going through the same, just dial …”
      “Dear Dr. Sajan, this is Hamida. I am working for a call center in electronic city. I am having some problem with the recent developments. You can understand right
      “Yes! I can guess. Go ahead Hamida.”
      “After that rape, my parents are pressuring me to leave the job. They are really worried. I know they have a point, but I don’t want to leave my work. I love it you know, it gives me a sense of achievement and independence. What should I do?”
      Sajan didn’t notice Jai watching him. He was carefully observing the most talked about radio psychiatrist of the town. A psychiatrist who is definitely not fashionable, yet subtly sober in appearance. A psychiatrist who is definitely not handsome, but has a boyish charm about him… and something in his eyes. Something, that Jai has been feeling for some time now. Something that is makes him long to spend some more time with him. Something that he hasn’t felt for quite some time now.
      “Well! As you rightly said, your parents definitely have a right to worry. It is a sad event. And naturally the safety of our children is a matter of great concern. But if you don’t want to leave your job, then my suggestion would be to speak openly with your parents, show how your organization is taking steps to ensure your safety. If necessary ask your boss or HR to speak to them.”
      “Do you think it will work?”
      “Why don’t you try it out once? You will never know unless you take a chance.”
      You will never know unless you take a chance. Unknowingly to himself, Jai walked up to where he was sitting.
      Sajan and Urmi were both surprised when Jai pushed through the glass door.
      For a moment Jai didn’t know what to do. Embarrassed, he quietly closed it back and headed back to his office.
      “Shit! What was I thinking?”
      “What was up with Jai today?” Urmi took up the subject at lunch.
      “Preoccupation!” noted Sajan.
      “I doubt!” shrugged Urmi.
      “I think he is having some problem with his marriage
      Once again we all turned to our next table. As Tharagan continued to eat silently, we all tried to understand his comment.
      “How do you know?” asked an obviously bitter Urmi.
      Tharagan, as usual, didn’t reply.
      “Asshole! I hate it when he does that.” Fuming, Urmi muttered under her breath. We all smiled at each other.
      Jai stood in front of the window. He was looking at the huge city that was growing faster than it should. He wondered what had got into him that morning. What would he had done? How would have Sajan reacted? If anyone else suspects this …
      “Hi! You have some time?”
      Jai gave a surprised look at Sajan, who was standing in front of him. Still perplexed, he nodded.
      “Are you all right? You seem to be bothered by something, or someone!”
      Jai was surprised at this sudden statement. But he didn’t loose his cool. Quickly turning away, he said that he was just preoccupied some recent developments at work.
      “Hope its not too serious. Would you like to share?”
      Jai turned back and faced him. He looked into Sajan’s eyes. What was it that was making him question everything all over again? Sajan seemed to get a bit uncomfortable, so he quickly fixed his gaze.
      “Thanks Sajan. But I can handle it.”
      “As you say. If you need anything…”
      Sajan stopped as Jai smiled at him. He knew it was cue for him to leave.
      Jai sighed as the door closed. How could this happen? He thought he had buried those desires long back. And now…
      It was a cool dusk. Another few days and it will be Christmas. Quietly, Sajan watched all the cute guys walking and driving past him, as strolled around NGV. I must ask Santa to get me a boy friend this time, he thought.
      As Sajan waited for the elevator, he noticed something move at the back of the stairs. Thinking it was a mouse, he didn’t give any notice. And before he knew, something hit him at the back of his head.
      Before he lost his consciousness, he could feel someone frisking him and then dragging out his keys.
      “NO!” And then there was darkness.

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