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One Sky - Chapter 1 : A Brand New Day

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  • ridgeet roy
    A Brand New Day … Sometimes in life all you need is hot coffee. I could smell the strong smell of Nescafe. Must be Ronnie; back from work already, I thought.
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 3, 2005

      A Brand New Day …


      Sometimes in life all you need is hot coffee.


      I could smell the strong smell of Nescafe. Must be Ronnie; back from work already, I thought. What time is it? I remembered that the alarm was set at 7 a.m. and I had banged it shut some … 10 … no 20 minutes back. Wish I could check the time without opening my eyes. Has Rahul left the bed already? I tried to figure it out by stretching my legs a bit … Nothing … must have left sometime in the morning. He did tell me he has to leave early. We didn’t go for our second time last night.


      OH SHIT!


      With a jolt I sat up in bed. It’s always a bad idea to do something all of a sudden, even getting up. My head began to ache. As I tried to get a hold of myself, I tried to recollect what exactly we did last night. We had the usual stuff. He threw the rubber in the usual style. And then he told me that he has to leave early so … AHA! He wanted to tell me something important. Something he has been thinking for quite some time. But he didn’t have the courage to tell me in person so he has arranged it to be delivered tomorrow morning – THAT MEANS TODAY. SHIT ITS NOW!


      As I looked around the room to understand what my Long Term Sex Mate had tried to mean by that, I couldn’t help wondering what it could be. I hope it would say that he has fallen in love with me. I wish.


      Hmm. Nothing here! As I put up my shorts I wondered whether it’s in the kitchen or the drawing room. As I opened my bedroom door I saw Ronnie reading the Times.


      “Coffee is ready.” He said. “And your lover left a note for you.”


      I looked at the piece of paper Ronnie pointed out, nicely folded out and kept on the kitchen counter.


      “Aren’t you gonna open it?”


      “Am thinking?”


      “What’s there to think? Probably says you were great last night. Or Sorry couldn’t say goodbye.” Ronnie yawned. “Or that this would be the last time as his mom is getting him married.”


      “How mean!”

      “Just a reality babe.”


      I opened it nervously. Apparently my heart was thumping the same rhythmic beat as it had done two weeks back when I got the appointment letter.


      I just wanted to let you know that I had a really great time with you. However, I have to stop things now. I am getting married next week. Just wanted to have one last time with you. You know you are the best. I wish you had been a girl. Things would have been so much easier. Anyway, I wish you all the best in life. Hope you finally find the man of your dreams. Yours,




      “Sorry Saj. I was joking. God! This is so sick. The guy is an absolute jerk. You hang in. You will find someone better. Just don’t give up. Wait! I have a guy in my shift who looks gay too. Do you want me to find out?”


      Ronnie and I sat quietly for sometime. As the coffee grew cold, I kept wondering how silly of me to expect so much, so soon. I was such a fool. Why cant I ever learn from my experiences. Goddammit!


      “Hey! Don’t you start working today?”


      WOW! What a day to start working!




      As I got ready I looked out of the window. It’s a lovely breeze out there. It might rain sometime today. NGV is such a lovely place to live at times. I can see some kids walking with their school bags. An old auntie carrying a yellow bag standing near to Block 4 entrance. Is she waiting for someone.


      As I picked up my bag, I looked across the bed. The bed is made, the desk is clean, have all the documents with me – what am I forgetting. Somehow I cant seem to recall. Anyway, cant be late  on the first day.


      As I walked my way towards the bus stand ( I yet have to arrange a vehicle ) I tried to smell the fresh air. It’s a lovely summer day. Trees have shredded lovely red and yellow flowers all along. Two cute guys waiting with their bikes. What a lovely cap the fair one is wearing, I thought.


      As I looked up I saw the blue sky. It was cloudy, clouded with fluffy white cottons in all shapes and sizes, but with bright blue intervals. Bright blue intervals of light, of hope, of an endless unknown.


      And that’s what it is – that’s my life.


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