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One Sky - Chapter 2 : City of Codes

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  • ridgeet roy
    City of Codes Laptops. Swipe Cards. Young and Fresh. Tired and grumpy. Grabbing a quick bite all the way to office. C++. VLSI. SAP. Infosys. Dell. LOC. SRS. As
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      City of Codes


      Laptops. Swipe Cards. Young and Fresh. Tired and grumpy. Grabbing a quick bite all the way to office. C++. VLSI. SAP. Infosys. Dell. LOC. SRS.


      As I watched, listened, guessed what the world (read guys – even gals) around me were involved in this crazy world of ours, my bus slowly made its way through the never ending lines of buses, two-wheelers, cars and autos on the crowded streets of Bangalore. The city I have been trying to call home. The city I had once tried to leave and start afresh. The city that had once showed me life, and love. The city of codes. Of silcon dreams. Of happening youth talking to everyone around the globe in the infamous vampire shifts. The city of Radio City …


      In reference to our telecon we would like to confirm… We are looking forward for our new … We hope that your … We are expecting to launch … We would be happy to know if you would prefer …


      Bits and pieces of Mr. Tarun’s email flashed in my eyes. I had to accept the offer. The pay was good. The project was one of a kind in India. And I needed to face Bangalore once again. How can a healer run away from his own medicine, I had tried to reason myself.




      “What! Are you sure Saj? You only told me …”


      “I can’t keep avoiding all my life.”


      Mir didn’t speak for a while. We both waited for the waiter to clear our table. As he stubbed his goldflake in the auburn coloured ashtray, I couldn’t help noticing the deep burrows on his forehead. Tarannum was a lucky woman, I thought.


      “You know best. I am glad you are being strong about this. So what is the project all about?”


      The end of spring in Calcutta always hints the arrival of a burning summer. I wiped my face and said, “I will be hosting a counseling show on Radio City




      I tried to catch a glimpse of my reflection in the mirrored walls. I was waiting for some Mr. Jai Prakash in the reception area. And I was told he would be coming down to meet me. The blond streaked receptionist gave a tight lipped smile as I impatiently looked at her. She seemed one of young hip kind. Even the security guard who handed me the card and checked my bag seemed so well groomed. Well, Its Radio City after all…




      “So when are you joining?”


      “They want to start the show in the first week of July. So I want to leave by the end of this month. I have to get everything settled there too.”


      “But it’s only May.”


      “Ya! But getting an apartment and other things can be difficult.”


      “What about your friends there?”


      “Lets see.”


      Dad sensed that the conversation has ended from my side. My mother was not speaking to me. Apparently she was not in favour of my returning back to Bangalore. She was not in favour of me taking up Psychology either. How can I do something like that when everyone around me were doctors, engineers and … even MBAs? Of course I could have done any of those, if I had sat for the entrance exams. I had actually sat for CAT (or rather I had to) and got through the selection procedure in few of the institutes. But after two years of learning how to manage human resources I had decided to go for a Psychology Masters. Dad was furious. Mom was … well she thought I was hopeless. But I didn’t care. As always …


      “And do you expect to do anything better in life after this?”


      Was all she said.




      “Hello! You would be Mr. Sajan Grewal, am I right!”


      As I looked up, I saw a combination of Pierre Cardin, Reebok, a bulge to die for, a stubble along with a hint of chest hair and a sharp pair of brown eyes. I should have gasped but with some expertise and thumping heartbeat I stood up and greeted the tall young gentleman smiling at me.


      “Am Jai. I happen to run some things around here, which incidentally also includes your show.”


      I silently prayed that it should include me too.


      “Nice to meet you”, was all I could say.


      As we stood silently in the elevator a strong odour of some unknown deodorant engulfed me. No... Not again … Stop it… this is work …


      “So how long have you been here?” I tried to make a conversation.


      “Couple of years. It’s not what I do actually. This is just a hobby.”


      “What do you do?”


      “Actually my wife and I are trying to establish a software firm of our own.”


      Sometimes life teaches you lessons the hard way. And then you forget it and begin to take the same road again. But life’s like that. It doesn’t hesitate to kick you back to reality.


      “Welcome to the 4th floor. This is where all the action is.” He said, as the lift stopped.


      As I stepped out I noticed a poster on the side wall. RJ Danny rocks WIPRO campus.


      Whoever sang video killed the radio star probably needs to visit this place. Somehow even in the world of Kyunkii and The Apprentice, Kal Ho Na Ho and Meet the Fockers, BBC and NDTV, radio has survived.


      As I followed Jai, the large glass windows showed me the sun bathed city – A city that will start to pour its deepest darkest fears and secrets, sorrows and worries, pain and desperation on me. A city that produces zillions of codes to solve the most complex of problems and delivers the smartest softwares that would compete with the very minds that created it, will soon turn to a 27 year old radio psychiatrist for solution. Sometimes when I reflect back on this I feel I am also in the project of writing codes for the human soul.


      After all, isn’t that’s what the city is known for …



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