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RE: [gaykingdom] Re: Please check your religion at the door

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  • Anthony N. Urwin
    Mooi geschreven! Anthony Amsterdam ________________________________ Van: gaykingdom@yahoogroups.com namens Gart Verzonden: wo 19-10-2005 0:24 Aan:
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      Van: gaykingdom@yahoogroups.com namens Gart
      Verzonden: wo 19-10-2005 0:24
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      Onderwerp: [gaykingdom] Re: Please check your religion at the door

      Hi Louis,

      First of all; thanks everyone who responded to my posting. I
      appreciate you taking the time to put your points across.
      Louis, I don't see how you compare religion to sexuality. The two
      have nothing in common whatsoever. You ask me; where do we stop. It
      is actually quite easy. In these matters you can only stop at zero,
      so everyone is clear on the matter. Faith should be a private thing
      and believers of any persuasion should not flaunt their religious
      convictions but keep them to themselves.

      Let me stress once again that I think anyone and everyone should be
      free to believe what they want. Anyway, how are you going to stop
      someone from believing, and why should you want to?

      The Gay Kingdom as a political body wants to remain 'neutral' on
      religious matters. I think that would be a mistake. Religious
      movements of any kind could gain power and influence while the gay
      government tries to maintain its neutrality. The results could be
      disastrous. It wouldn't be the first time. So instead of maintaining
      neutrality, the gay government should draw the line right from the
      start: at zero.

      This means that believers of any kind should not be allowed to form
      organizations for any other purpose than to celebrate their faith
      amongst themselves, in their own houses, mosks, temples, churches,
      whatever. No religious group should have leaders that oversee more
      than their own group or house. Religious groups that take their
      leadership and direction from non-gay leaders outside of the gay
      kingdom (most notably the catholic church) should not be allowed to
      establish chapters in the gay kingdom at all. Religious leaders
      should not be allowed to engage in any political activity, not even
      in political endorsements. And of course religious groups should not
      be tax-exempt, but just get tax deductions for the charity work they

      As a non-believer and a gay man who knows his history, I take
      offense when confronted with what should be the personal beliefs of
      others. Apart from my personal opinion about religion and religious
      beliefs, I want to reserve the right to be spared the unsollicited
      and unwanted expressions of other people's personal matters.
      Discretion and respect are the key. I don't want strangers to
      intrude on my life with anything from loud pounding music, garbage
      and dog shit, and public conversations on cell phones, to their
      yeast infections on private body parts. Their spiritual beliefs are
      also on this list.

      I don't presume to have all the answers, but I think it is important
      and useful to have the debate on religion (and spirituality) in the
      gay kingdom. I think, as the first state worldwide to truly abolish
      religion from government and public life, we could set an example
      for the rest of the world. For religion is not just the root of all
      anti-gay violence and oppression, it is also the cause of most armed
      conflicts throughout history.


      --- In gaykingdom@yahoogroups.com, "SEBama1" <sebama1@g...> wrote:
      > Gart,
      > For one, I appreciate the fact that you have been keeping up
      with the debates. However, I have to compare the "checking of your
      religion at the door" with the idea of "checking your sexuality at
      the door".
      > With all this in mind I have but one question to ask you Gart,
      just for you (and anyone else in this thought pattern) to ponder on.
      At what point do we stop?
      > Stop telling people what or how to believe, think, live? Oh, and
      who may I ask is to make this decision?
      > Can someone tell me when do we stop limiting others rights as
      we are already limited in our current societies.
      > Louis Trusty



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