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Re: [gaykingdom] Re: Administrators Sworn In

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  • Jase
    Bon, I refer you to the most recent publication of the Gayzette in which we as a parliament and government of the GLK seceeded from Dale for actions contrary
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      I refer you to the most recent publication of the Gayzette in which we as a parliament and government of the GLK seceeded from Dale for actions contrary to our goal and to the rules of law established.
      I am here as well as the members of parliament still left plus Enrique, Louis, Bill and others. We wish to succeed and the only way is through hard work, dedication, and through truthful actions by those sworn to protect our interests.
      Please go to the post with the Gayzette in it for further information.

      Legislative rep/MP. 
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      Date: 09/11/05 20:14:26
      Subject: [gaykingdom] Re: Administrators Sworn In
      Hang on tosser, who are these ppl you have sworn in?
      I reject Dale bringing anyone is without the public consent. I have
      not voted for them. So where did Dale's right come from?

      I propose Dale's immediante removal. No one tells me what to think.

      I will not repeat my thoughts on Dale here now, but Dale, trust me,
      you are welcomed to contact me privatly for my thoughts on you. How
      DARE you try to push your opinion on a democratic state?

      Sooner this queen (because this is no real Sovereign) is gone, the
      better. This is some twat on an ego trip.

      We had a revolution in England Dale, just as you did in the States,
      and France. The 'Monarchy' did not do so well. Remember?

      Maybe history does not teach, so good bye Dale.


      --- In gaykingdom@yahoogroups.com, "Dale Parker Anderson"
      <gaysovereign@y...> wrote:
      > Administrators Sworn In
      > Following the dismissal of the Gay & Lesbian Government of the Coral
      > Sea Islands on Tuesday August 9, 2005, the Sovereign has sworn in
      > two Administrators.

      > 1.      All civic offices in relation to the Gay Kingdom are now
      > declared vacant.
      > 2.      All Privy Council offices including the Office of Chief
      > Justice in relation to the Gay Kingdom are now declared vacant.
      > 3.      Two appropriately qualified gay Administrators have today
      > been appointed for a period of two years or further period as the
      > Crown sees fit.
      > Summary
      > In General the crown has terminated the commission of the current
      > government and the Privy Council including the office of Chief
      > Justice and has arranged for two administrators to operate as a
      > caretaker government able to secure supply and willing to let
      > infrastructure to be built and commonsense to prevail in the
      > Kingdom.
      > By virtue of what has in fact happened and came into existence a
      > deadlock between the Crown and the Privy Council on the central
      > issue of supply without which all of the ordinary services of the
      > government cannot be maintained. As a result of those discussions
      > and having regard to the public statements of the Prime Minister and
      > the Chief Justice I have come regretfully to the conclusion that
      > there is no likelihood of a compromise between the Crown and the
      > Privy Council nor for that matter between the Crown and the
      > Government.
      > The deadlock which arose was one which, in the interests of the
      > nation, had to be resolved as promptly as possible by means which
      > are appropriate in our system of government. In all the
      > circumstances which have occurred the appropriate means is a
      > dissolution of the Parliament and the appointment of administrators.
      > No other course offers a sufficient assurance of resolving the
      > deadlock and resolving it promptly.
      > Dale R,
      > Sovereign
      > 11 August 2005
      > NOW THEREFORE, I Dale R, Sovereign of the Gay & Lesbian Kingdom of
      > the coral Sea Islands, do by this my Proclamation appoint and have
      > sworn in administrators to govern the Kingdom.
      > (L.S.) Given under my Hand on this the 11th of August 2005.

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