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Re: [gaykingdom] Gayzette - 8 September 2005

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  • Bearguy217@aol.com
    one question:------ who is Dale Parker?
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      one question:------ who is Dale Parker?
    • JT
      Mr. Perez, Having read all of that tripe, I m left to assume this measure is intended as a legal maneuver, for the sake of separating the Kingdom from personal
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        Mr. Perez,
        Having read all of that tripe, I'm left to assume this measure is intended as a legal maneuver, for the sake of separating the Kingdom from personal actions of HIM in AU or International court.  If it's not, you're pathetic, the lot of you.  In any event, the flimsy nature of the claim, coupled with the fact that most of you would rather put a gay resort up, with overpriced sun shade, than to actually allow people to homestead and lay physical claim upon the land (and posession remains 9/10 of the law,) as well as the existence of the station there, which is maintained by AU govt. staff, these collectively suggest it wise to part ways with the lot of you.  It's sad, but it would seem you fags can't even manage to get this done properly, when you had about the most generous opportunity yet to make a go at a legitimate sovereign gay country.  I'm a man of action, what some would call a Walking Man.  I think, I don't just rush into a decision blindly, but I move, I act.  You're all standing men.  Apathy and fear control and limit you, or you'd have just taken care of the issues with action in timely fashion.
        Good luck with your endeavors.  Consider this my resignation.  Should you get it together in any material/substantial fashion, let me know.
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        From: nfr_ib
        Sent: Thursday, September 08, 2005 11:29 PM
        Subject: [gaykingdom] Gayzette - 8 September 2005

        ***GLK Gayzette***

        Official publication of the Government of the Gay & Lesbian Kingdom

        Volume 2, Number 20;      August 25 2005


        The Gay Government Gayzette of August 25, 2005 [Administrative
        Arrangement Order]

        The Gay Kingdom
        Administrative Arrangements

        I, Prime Minister, as the remaining head of the Government of the Gay
        & Lesbian Kingdom, hereby confirm the following administrative
        arrangements to take effect on and from 8 September 2005 in
        substitution for the arrangements in operation immediately before the
        date of this order.

        GIVEN under my hand and with
        The Great Seal of the Gay Kingdom
        On 8 September 2005.

        Enrique Pérez
        Prime Minister



        Fellow citizens of the Gay & Lesbian Kingdom,

        As you have undoubtedly been aware, there has been a series of
        unusual communiqués of an apparently official nature posted into
        official Yahoo discussion group.  I want to give everyone a brief
        summary of the events that transpired in the last 60 days that are
        germane to our current situation and bearing upon the stability of
        the realm.

        For some time, members of this government have been diligently
        attempting to confirm certain statements made by HIM Dale Parker
        Anderson.  Despite the often frustrating, difficult, and somewhat
        expensive efforts, we have been unable to reliably confirm a great
        many historical details.  Recently while representatives of the
        government traveled to Pensacola Florida USA during the Memorial Day
        Gay Pride weekend to represent the Gay and Lesbian Kingdom (GLK), Mr.
        Anderson had reportedly previously undertaken a trip to Cato Island
        in Coral Sea located approximately 256 nautical miles from the
        Australian mainland by a rented seaplane.  The pictures sent back by
        Mr. Anderson failed to substantiate that he had actually undertaken
        said journey.  Even our simple requests that pictures of the
        aircraft's Global Positioning Display indicating geographical
        location coordinates as well as date and time on an official flight
        plan of the alleged journey did not produce a positive response.  The
        pictures sent to us could not substantiate the claims that he and
        others had undertaken this journey on the specific date and time and
        the landmass in the pictures was in fact Cato Island.

        Early in July of this year, the Prime Minister was invited to a
        conference between the Privy Council, the Chief Justice, and HIM
        Dale.  During the conference, HIM Dale indicated the need to open a
        bank account to clear fund transfers between himself and PobJoy
        Publishing, the printer and vendor for stamps of the GLK.  As a
        professional Investment Advisor, the Prime Minister advised HIM Dale
        the type of account to be opened would be very important and that it
        would be extremely important that we were aware of any applicable
        international banking regulation and what our pre-reporting
        obligations would be to insure our transactions did not trigger any
        suspicious activity reports (SARs).  The Privy Council proceeded to
        advise HIM Dale that he inquire at his local bank in Brisbane
        Australia the possible bank account types and reporting
        responsibilities and we would make similar inquiries here in the US
        to better determine which location was most practical for the
        administration of the account.  Despite our advice and in disregard
        to accounting protocol, HIM Dale opened a personal account with his
        local bank under his sole access and control to transact official GLK
        business.  The Privy Council attempted to remind HIM that the
        government needed to monitor any official government bank accounts. 
        At this, HIM became belligerent and dismissive, and broke off
        communications with the Privy Council. 

        Because of this incident and others previously visited upon this
        government and reportedly similarly on previous governments, the High
        Court found it necessary to issue an opinion that it published on
        July 23 2005.  In this opinion, docketed as Order GLK-07232005, the
        High Court of the GLK found, among other things, that HIM Dale lacked
        the legal capacity to administer the treasury and in fact found him
        to be legally incompetent to the degree that his incapacity required
        the appointment of a Guardian to the Royal Person and Conservator of
        the Crown in the Office of the Lord Protector.  It should be noted
        the High Court had earlier made a similar finding since the
        appointment of the first Lord Protector Kyle Thorne as Guardian over
        the Royal Person and Conservator over HIM Dale's financial
        interactions with the Kingdom.

        Under this law any communiqué issued by the person identified as
        Dale or Dale Parker Anderson, is of no real or implied legal
        significance or consequence to the GLK or its government. 
        Essentially, the proclamations published by him have no validity or
        force of law upon this government.  In addition, certain aspects of
        the recent proclamations appear unconstitutional, and stand with
        regards to HIM Dale's inability to exercise his duty of care
        his government and his incapacity to personally reign.

        Because of this government's experience, in addition to the
        experience of previous GLK governments with HIM Dale, the government
        leaders of the Government of the Gay & Lesbian Kingdom acknowledged
        that simply stating the facts of the past will not suffice, and a
        more permanent solution is mandated to insure stability and the
        continuing growth and prosperity of this government.

        Therefore, in order to safeguard the interests of the Crown of the
        Gay & Lesbian Kingdom and to preserve the interests both present and
        future of the citizens of the GLK, as Prime Minister of the GLK,
        formal notice is given on this date of 20 August 2005 that the Crown
        of the GLK shall be held in Trust, and the Gay & Lesbian Kingdom
        shall be held in Protectorate by the Unified Gay Tribe.  The Crown of
        the GLK and the Kingdom shall be held in such trust to protect our
        Unified Gay Tribe from harm and preserve its integrity, and to deny
        the use of it's name or Crown to those that would apply it in
        such a
        manner as to harm the Kingdom or the Unified Gay Tribe.

        On the 20th of August 2005, Parliament convened an emergency session
        to discuss the current situation and best determine a prudent course
        of action.  During this session, and through previous asynchronous
        deliberations, five resolutions were unanimously adopted:

        Resolution MP-20050820-001 officially appointed Mr. Randy Ray of
        Texas USA as a Member of the Parliament of the Gay & Lesbian Kingdom.

        Resolution MP-20050820-002 officially adopts the ruling in GLK High
        Court Order GLK-07232005 that finds HIM Dale Parker Anderson to be
        legally incompetent to the extent that a Guardian for the Royal
        Person and a Conservator for the Crown is required due to his
        incapacity to prudently manage the affairs of State and Crown.

        Resolution MP-20050820-003 provides a formal notice of the following:

        ·      Recent attempts by HIM Dale to dissolve Parliament and the
        High Court are unconstitutional.
        ·      The provisional government allegedly established by HIM Dale
        in Australia is deemed illegal and it's two administrators
        ·      In accordance with High Court order GLK-07232005, all
        proclamations issued by HIM Dale after 23 July 2005 lack legal force
        and effect, and are not officially recognized.
        ·      Because HIM Dale currently has no Guardian and the Crown does
        not have a conservator, Dale Parker Anderson can only act as an
        individual, and as such is not empowered to act officially for or
        represent the GLK.

        Resolution MP-20050820-004 formally enacts the Articles of Succession
        through the following Ordinance:

        WHEREAS, the legal incapacity of HIM Dale Parker Anderson has proved
        to be a clear and present danger to the stability and vitality of the
        Gay & Lesbian Kingdom; and

        WHEREAS, said incapacity has resulted in three distinct consecutive
        and successive GLK governments in a one year period; and

        WHEREAS, said incapacity affects the ability of this Government to
        administer the Unified Gay Tribe, and is an impediment to the
        realization of the primary goals of the Gay & Lesbian Kingdom.

        THEREFORE, it is RESOLVED the Parliament of the Gay & Lesbian Kingdom
        representing the citizens and members of the Unified Gay Tribe do
        declare and ordain that the ordinance adopted and ratified on 20th
        day of June 2004 E.V. by the first Parliament of the Gay & Lesbian
        Kingdom under which the Gay and Lesbian Kingdom (GLK) was mandated to
        promote the interests of the Kingdom of the Coral Sea (KCS) and its
        Emperor Dale Parker Anderson, as the Gay & Lesbian Kingdom of the
        Coral Sea (GLKCS) is hereby abrogated, repealed and annulled; that
        all powers which by that compact were delegated to the GLKCS by the
        GLK are revoked and resumed; that the GLK is of right absolved from
        all restraints, duties and obligations incurred by said compact, and
        is a free, sovereign, and independent State, and that its citizens
        and people are absolved from all allegiance to the KCS, its
        government or it's Emperor, Dale Parker Anderson. 

        It is further declared and ordained that all rights and obligations
        vested under the Gay Kingdom Act of 2004 and the Gay Judiciary Act of
        2004 or under any act of the Legislative Assembly or Parliament
        passed in pursuance thereof, or under any laws of the GLK, or any
        positions or titles conferred upon any individuals, and not
        incompatible with this ordinance, shall remain in force and have the
        same effect as if this ordinance had not passed.

        It is a matter of record that this Ordinance of Succession was duly,
        lawfully, and unanimously adopted by the Parliament of the Gay and
        Lesbian Kingdom on this 20th day of August 2005 E.V.  In addition,
        let the record reflect the Chief Justice of the High Court of the GLK
        has subscribed his name to this resolution.

        Resolution MP-20050820-005 adopts the Emergency Reorganization Act of
        2005 as the framework for reorganizing the government.

        Thus, our government now enters a process of reorganization and soon
        thereafter a renaissance.  During this period of transition and
        change, we seek the support of our Unified Gay Tribe.


        Several months ago, an ordinance issued which mandated all persons
        holding any Office in the government of the Gay & Lesbian Kingdom,
        whether elected or appointed, should take all the steps necessary to
        immediately secure and certify their citizenship in and allegiance to
        the Gay & Lesbian Kingdom.  A deadline for compliance of this
        ordinance was set for June 1 2005.  Those not complying in securing
        and certifying their citizenship by said date were deemed to have
        resigned their office under the ordinance.  Accordingly, since the
        following members of Government have failed to comply with this
        ordinance, as of 21 August 2005, they are deemed to have resigned
        their respective posts:

        Daniel Fowler, Maine USA
        Günter Van Cauwenbergh, Belgium EU
        Karess Rhodes, Australia

        It is also noted that HIM Dale chose not to comply with said (his
        own) ordinance.

        On July 7 2005, Dallas Vinson of Alabama USA resigned his post as a
        Member of Parliament and as Minister of Tourism and Community
        Services for personal reasons.

        On July 16 2005, Jon Matlick resigned as Lord Protector and member of
        the Privy Council.  In addition on the same date, Joseph Grande
        resigned as Royal Publisher and member of the Privy Council.  Both
        resigned in protest to HIM Dale's flagrant violations of his
        agreements and covenants with the government of the GLK and the Privy

        Your continued support is greatly appreciated.

        Enrique Pérez
        Prime Minister
        Gay & Lesbian Kingdom
        Unified Gay Tribe

        The GLK Gayzette© is the official publication of the Government of
        the Gay and Lesbian Kingdom, and is usually published on the 25th day
        of each month, or at other times when necessary, by the Office of the
        Department of Gay Internal Affairs within the Ministry of Information
        of the Gay and Lesbian Kingdom.

        We suggest interested parties join the GLK Yahoo Group at,
        http://groups.yahoo.com/group/gaykingdom/. As a member of this group,
        you will automatically receive the GLK Gayzette every month when
        published. In addition, the group contains back issues of the GLK
        Gayzette as well as other files of importance to the Kingdom.
        Comments, suggestions, and recommendations should be addressed to

      • Tim and Jeff
        Bearguy, Dale is our former monarch.... ie... His Imperial Majesty.... TJBear ... From: Bearguy217@aol.com To: gaykingdom@yahoogroups.com Sent: Friday,
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          Dale is our former monarch.... ie... His Imperial Majesty....
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          one question:------ who is Dale Parker?

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