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Gay Kingdom or Gay Soap Opera

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  • So Lo
    *sigh* I don t know if I should be HURT, OFFENDED, OUTRAGED, ASHAMED, or LAUGHING HYSTERICALLY right now. I have only myself to blame, for allowing my high
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 23, 2005

      I don't know if I should be HURT, OFFENDED, OUTRAGED, ASHAMED, or
      LAUGHING HYSTERICALLY right now. I have only myself to blame, for
      allowing my high hopes to get the best of me. So many issues to
      address, so little time. Addressing them in chronological order
      would probably be best.

      I don't even see the post I made in response to Daniel's
      (datyl1@...) post that attempted to sum me up, exposing himself
      as a victim to grumpy-old-straight-white-America-in-the-south and
      (conceivably, resistant-) conformist to the role they have him play
      daily. I wish you the best of luck in your future dealings with
      homophobia in the Atlanta area, Daniel. Don't let them keep you
      down, brother! My advice: move to the Gay & Lesbian Kingdom. You
      can stay with me until we get you set up.

      Hey Moderators, is this a show of what is to come? I see posts from
      today, but not my abovementioned post from Wednesday (or Thursday).
      Corrupt leadership, censorship, half-truths, out-and-out deceptions,
      lies, omissions and preferential treatment sounds a lot like the
      country from which I am fleeing. Hmmm… perhaps it's lost in
      cyberspace. If this post makes the site, I will assume that it is
      the case.

      Now, I have mixed feelings about this "Lord Chief Justice /s/ William
      J. Freeman" who uploaded and prepared this PDF that is… not even
      sophomoric, in style. Looking into Mr. Freeman's identity I
      discovered many, many interesting things such as, he is a Notary
      Public and provides extensive factoids of the prestigious title (such
      as pronunciations and international spelling variations of the
      title), Alabama's required pursuant to the Rules of Professional
      Conduct, which is suspect to obfuscation. (i.e. "No representation
      is made that the quality of the legal services to be performed is
      greater than the quality of the legal services performed by other
      lawyers." Translation: I'm not saying that I can win your case,
      what I'm saying is just want your money.) Counselor Freeman can be
      located in numerous instances all over the internet as an "Attorney"
      and "Counselor" and nowhere am I able to find documentation to
      support this claim. Nor did I find anywhere on his website:
      www.attorneyfreeman.com, any use of the word "lawyer" when typed into
      the Search Engine for the site itself. (To be honest, or more
      accurately – to be forth-coming with information without making an
      attempt or play on words to lead you to believe in circumstances that
      do not exist, the Search Engine does not return any words
      whatsoever. This does not change the fact that "lawyer" does NOT
      show up on his site applied to him directly though.) If you want to
      play word games and get technical, then YES, William J. Freeman,
      Esquire… oops, scratch that, I meant William J. Freeman is
      an "attorney" strictly speaking in literal terms of the dictionary's
      definitions only though, as he is a person that has most likely been
      legally appointed by another to act as an agent in the transaction of
      business (probably to function as a Notary Public, thus sealing the
      deal). It is doubtful that he passed Alabama's State Bar to Practice
      Law because there are so many sites listed in which he appears to be
      a middle-man bridging the gaps between his various Legal Colleagues
      and his MANY customers that come pouring in throw a plethora websites
      featuring false/misleading advertisements. I believe I am as much of
      a dentist, as Mr. Freeman is an attorney - after all, I do brush my
      teeth three times per day and promote oral hygiene to myself, in
      addition to recommending Sugar-Free Dentyne Chewing Gum and Listerine
      Mouth Wash, just like 7 out of 10 dentists recommend.

      As gay men, we have to be better than the `hetties', Counselor
      Freeman. Flawless. I don't mean to attack you on a personal level,
      but I tracked down a blog where you posted a comment regarding
      President Bush, exposing his medals as invalid, (something to the
      effect of Painted Gummi Bears) as compared to John Kerry's medals and
      achievements, so I don't think I'm out of line. As a courtesy, I am
      assuming that you consistently provide your target clientele, gays
      and lesbians, with essential and affordable services for their legal
      needs, which is why I have ceased poking holes at your multiple-
      inconsistent advertisements. It is better to be under scrutiny in a
      forum full of ruthless and cutthroat peers, as many folks gay and
      straight alike would have you believe us to be, than have someone
      else surprise you with this information, as I admit these are
      educated deductions reached, based upon the information available on
      the internet. I would be more than happy if you were to avail
      yourself of my services of pointing out areas of improvement on your
      various websites, once you have clarified a handful of
      inconsistencies for me. Your businesses/services list in so many
      forms, in multiple variations, through several search engines in an
      unflattering way that, I believe, leads others to gather you are a
      shady-spamming-fast-talking-used-car-salesman-type of
      businessperson. If this is not the case, I highly recommend that you
      remedy your situation.

      Now, different point (more of a knit-pick that should be addressed),
      same PDF file: The ending is $#!t. C'mon now. "God Save our
      Emperor and this Honorable Court." Allow me to keep this short and
      sweet and true. There's no such thing god. If you chose to believe,
      *sigh* then have a blessed day, but at least avoid the same tragic
      mistake the USA made by claiming to be of a secular government, then
      to have its political leader condemn members of the country as hell-
      bound sinners for being sexual deviants. There's NO respect or
      acknowledgment to cultural/religious diversity and it promotes
      segregation and unrest within the nation. If this is to be an infant-
      nation, learn from the mistakes made by the elder-nations, or be
      damned and doomed to repeat them.

      I think I'll end this (?) post (?) now, leaving out my commentary on
      the simple fact that this PDF, in essence, is a tragic gay soap opera
      of he-said-she-said, or rather "she"-spent-"she"-spent, as I'm not
      even sure it will ever be seen by more than two people. Also, real
      quick, "HIM" shouldn't fashion himself after the monarchy who waste
      the hard-earned monies of the people for personal luxuries. "HIM"
      may find his celebrity cast under an unfavorable light. Forget all
      about "Fergie" and her spending habits; look at Squanderer Of Dollars
      (SOD) are what Tabloid Magazine Headlines will read, should the world
      decide to stop and take notice of the silly gays and their frivalous
      and unimpressive attempt to seize equality and civil rights. Good
      day to any and all readers that should see this text…

      "You may say I'm a dreamer… but I'm not the only one."
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