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Yeah... me too! What Angel said...

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  • So Lo
    I m scrambling now to get myself there and standby until my services are needed to contribute to such an important and worthy cause. I quit my job today, I m
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 18, 2005
      I'm scrambling now to get myself there and standby until my services
      are needed to contribute to such an important and worthy cause. I
      quit my job today, I'm liquidating my assets over the next month,
      I'll apply for a Visa tomorrow, get my passport, plane ticket,
      shipping my stuff over to Sydney and I will be completely relocated
      within the next two months.

      I'm dedicated to civil rights and equality and I need a reason to
      live. I'm a first-generation American and I HATE this country. The
      ideals and principles upon which she was found are noble, I guess.
      But this country is tainted and getting what it deserves. It rose
      power by evicting and relocating Native Americans, responding to
      their kindness with the spreading of foreign sicknesses and fatal
      diseases. The USA then embraced SLAVERY, the primary reason they
      were able to rise to power in such a short period. Free labor.
      Dispicable. What were these kidnapped-hostage-victims given as
      retribution for generations of oppression and horrifying inhumanities
      committed against them? Forty acres of land and a mule, followed by
      decades of racism, discrimination, and hatred. I know you there are
      posts that express things like, "Don't say anything unkind about the
      United States of America," and this is something that just goes hand-
      in-hand with "America". "America". HA! Such vanity, to claim the
      name of both continents, having no regard for her neighbors that
      might take offense to such a foul, distasteful, unfounded self-
      empowered superiority. The only reason I haven't killed myself yet
      is because of my overwhelming fear that I'll botch my attempt and
      have to endure the continuation of "life". Ultimately, I should have
      the right to have my mental state reviewed and be granted
      euthanasia. I'm a 28 year old man, healthy, HIV negative, STD-free,
      with an "O-Positive" blood type, which is as close to universal as
      blood types get to accomodate the masses, who is sick and tired of
      the mundane, callous, sheer ugliness of our planet. What is *SO*
      wrong with donating my body and the organs it contains to give
      multiple people the chance to live life? They struggle to cling to
      something that I would discard as quickly and easily as I would
      discard soiled toilet tissue. I deserve to die without fear of
      failure and I deserve to have the option of dying in a safe,
      sanitary, supervised environment and NOT feel alone in my final

      I was born and raised in San Francisco. I've had great role models
      to inspire and motivate me, but in the USA, all that I am is a
      militant gay man who was 'fortunate' enough to have a San Francisco
      Police Sargeant for a mother to teach me right from wrong and an
      abusive, alcoholic, violent father to make me fearless. There is no
      way I can make a difference in this country. My vote that did NOT
      endorse George W. Bush proved it beyond the shadow of a doubt. My
      government's leader openly shamed me, passing judgment on me and my
      community while in the spotlight of the World Stage. He applied his
      small views and his small religion and its labels on his betters.
      Tragic and inappropriate.

      It is pretty safe to assume that I am willing to answer the call of
      the Gay and Lesbian Kingdom and do whatever is required to ensure its
      prosperity and longevity. Too many gay and lesbian children are
      beaten down with the shame of primitive societies, scathing points of
      views, fists of all ages, blind hatred, cruel and vicious spite.
      This has to stop. Children should NOT agonize with the contemplation
      of suicide because non-existent deities are not there to alleviate
      the pain and show an iota of compassion. Small, innocent, tortured
      souls that are afraid of the dark deserve so much more than to be
      locked in bedrooms with the lights turn OFF, to spend HOURS AND
      HOURS, NIGHT-AFTER-NIGHT frantically begging through silent screams
      to god to be shown an insignificant sign that lets the child know
      there is nothing solitary about this barbaric confinement. I could
      have handle a burned out light bulb on a nearby street light, if god
      had done it to let me know I was NOT alone. It could have been as
      simple as a ladybug, flying into my bedroom. It could have been a
      distant car horn. I only needed SOMEONE to give a damn.

      Please forgive me. I am quite overwhelmed right now trying to
      contain my rage and grief. I just read an article about a Florida
      man who killed his three-year-old little boy... because he "didn't
      want him to grow up to be gay". A little sissy boy faggot. Anyone
      who reads this text has got to know, without ever meeting this angel
      who deserved so much better than what he got, that THAT LITTLE BOY
      AFFECTIONATE... His darkest and final hour was spent in pain,
      confused by the man who was supposed to love him unconditionally and
      protect him from society's hang-ups. I will not mourn him for too
      long, only because I am thankful that his parents didn't really have
      the chance to taint him with religion, him being only three-years-
      old. *sigh* Hope can kill you. Faith can f*&# you up. And god...
      well god can leave you out on your own, seeing fit to chat with
      select idiots who take dictation as he speaks throw burning plant
      life (as opposed to just printing several copies his-damn-self), chat
      with Mormons... I mean, morons that need a special decoder viewer to
      read glow in the dark lettering in materializing-then-dematerializing
      golden plates (again, as opposed to just printing several copies his-
      damn-self), chat with a political leader of a major country
      recognized as a world super power, expressing his desire to the
      political clown-show for his military force to fight a war against a
      country I've never heard of: terrorism. Check it out people: gods
      and goddesses who ignore you for long enough eventually get replaced
      and become myths. Those who refuse to learn from history are doomed
      to repeat it. Let the GLK LEARN from the RECURRING RELIGIOUS ERRORS
      made by the other countries. Religions divide us, at their
      base/core. Segregation. Or defiance. How much more of these
      ridiculous "stories" are these superstitious-angry-villager-types
      going to turn a blind eye to, before they realize they aren't doing
      it right. Women are property in your stupid book. Slavery isn't
      offensive... in your stupid book. That murderous piece of $#!t in
      Florida should've stoned his baby to death... it's in his stupid
      book. Aren't you tired of being hated and having their stupid book
      waved around to justify what they won't accurately name: Irrantional
      Hatred. The acts in which we engage are disgusting to them. That's
      cool. I don't need the approval of a redneck, a christian, a muslim,
      a jew, an ANYTHING. I get "IT". Not everyone on this planet is
      meant to be friends with one another; nor is everyone meant to even
      get along, directly, person-to-person. Evolution naturally steers us
      to cast-out those members perceived as the weakest of the
      collective. It's only through this process generations-after-
      generations can Our Kingdom, which has given Mankind its common
      thread with its various sects without passing forward its distinction
      as an impediment of any kind to this commonality. (i.e. blindness,
      deafness, down syndrome, mermaid syndrome, dwarfism)

      I apologize. I am committed to this movement to advance as a global
      society. I am coming to Australia to contribute. I just need to
      know if this fag is going to do this:
      (a) Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. style.
      (b) Malcolm X style.

      If you'd like me to detail my strings-of-thoughts on how this is
      relevant and to the cause and references, experiments, theories and
      research that backs it up, which culminates as overwhelming evidence
      that indicate we are a vane and pathetic race that have programmed
      ourselves for thousands of years to believe we are entitled to a
      whole 'nother life after this one is done and used up. *cackling*
      *sigh* It's just sad and I'm feeling like the weaker wolf that is
      being attacked by the pack because there just isn't enough resources
      to allow a share for me. This happened for generations until you
      were left with a less aggressive and less hostile sect of wolves that
      learned to survive more as scavengers, and less as hunters. The more
      docile wolves are left to procreate further, thus leading them to the
      evolutionary destination of today's canine.

      [Read up on Dr. Belyaev (of Russia) and his forty-year-long
      experiment conducted on foxes. The results were just eye-opening.]

      It's also likely that the homosapiens being clever enough to
      domesticate the less-ferocious wolf/canine, that cro-magnum man
      didn't stand a chance against the intellect of man and the loyal
      protection of the dangerous canine, as a team.

      Common sense drives my religion, and it doesn't contradict itself.
      There may be mysteries that have yet to be solved, but there are no
      shenanigans of any kind taking place, like Matthew and Mark telling a
      story about a fig tree that each allegedly witnessed cursed by Jesus
      H. Christ, first-hand account - mind you, and [sing-songy voice]
      SOMEONE IS LYING!!!! (though odds are they both are piss poor and
      full of $#!t)
    • datyl1@aol.com
      Sadly, you are one of the most confused individuals to be encountered in a long time - you seem on the one hand to be genuinely compassionate, but you are
      Message 2 of 2 , Jul 19, 2005
        Sadly, you are one of the most confused individuals to be encountered in a long time - you seem on the one hand to be genuinely compassionate, but you are consumed by hatred (self-hatred too, no doubt).  Those two warring emotions will tear you apart ultimately.
        Also, sadly, you do not seem to be of the frame of mind (?) to be a person who could contribute to any cause without infecting it.
        I'm quite certain that, in a short time frame, you will transfer your blind hatred for America into the same feeling towards Australia, and even the Gay Kingdom.
        Please, for your own sake, obtain counseling.  Perhaps then you can grow up.
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