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Re: [gaykingdom] Gay Fish in the Kingdom

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  • craig warren
    wow it s 8:45 am here and i ve already learned something new lol, all i can say is !Go fish! Dale Parker Anderson wrote: Nobody has
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2005
      wow it's 8:45 am here and i've already learned something new lol, all i can say is !Go fish!

      Dale Parker Anderson <gaysovereign@...> wrote:
      Nobody has ever told the reef fish of the Gay Kingdom those straight
      forward "birds and bees" stories - a high proportion of the fish in
      the Gay Kingdom are able to change their sex at some time in their
      life. Some of them are protogyny - they start as males then switch
      to females - others are protogny - they start as females and switch
      to become males. Some of the fish in the kingdom are monandric, that
      is they are all born one sex and only switch to the other sex later.
      Other species may be born either sex but some of them may later
      change sex.

      The tiny blue and gold angelfish found in the reef just off the Gay
      Capital is an axample of protogyny. These fish live in a small group
      of four to seven which control a territory of several square meters.
      The group usually consists of one large dominant male with a harem
      of female fish although there may sometimes be "bachelor" male fish
      present. The dominant male guards the groups territory and warns off
      any intruding angel fish. At mating time the male mates with all the
      females in the group. If the dominant male dies the largest female
      changes sex and takes over.

      The opposite situation can be observed in the clown fish "famous
      because of the Disney movie FINDING NEMO" This group of fish in the
      Gay Kingdom usually consists of a large female and a group of
      smaller male. The female mates with only one of the males and this
      male fish then keeps all the other "bachelor" clown fish inline. If
      something happens to the female then the chief male switches sex and
      becomes a female and the most dominant of the bachelor males takes
      over as the chief male.

      Many scientists have visited the reefs of the Gay Kingdom and have
      postulated a number of reasons for this gay state of affairs. Life
      on the reef is very much dog eat dog, if changing sex were not
      possible and the sole male or female in the group dies then the
      group cannot reproduce. As it is now, there's just a quick change of
      sex on the part of one fish and life continues as normal.

      God Bless

      Dale R

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