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May GLK Gayzette

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  • GLK Gayzette
    GLK Gayzette Official publication of the Government of the Gay & Lesbian Kingdom of the Coral Sea Islands Volume 2, Number 17; May 25, 2005
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      GLK Gayzette


      Official publication of the Government of the Gay & Lesbian Kingdom of

      the Coral Sea Islands


      Volume 2, Number 17;      May 25, 2005




      The Gay Government of the Coral Sea Islands Gayzette of May 25, 2005

      [Administrative Arrangement Order]


      The Gay Kingdom

      Administrative Arrangements

      Ordered By the Grace of God and His Imperial Majesty the Gay Sovereign.


      I, Dale Emperor Reigning of the Gay & Lesbian Kingdom of the Coral Sea

      Islands, acting with advice of the Gay Parliament, hereby approve the following

      administrative arrangements to take effect on and from 25 May, 2005 in

      substitution for the arrangements in operation immediately before the date of

      this order.


      GIVEN under my hand and with

      the Great Seal of the Gay Kingdom

      on 25 May, 2005.


      Dale R

      HIM, Emperor


      By his Majesty�s Command


      Bill Freeman

      Chief Justice




      The Royal Palace


      May Diary 2005


      Friday May 1st His Majesty Dale completed his VISITORS GUIDE TO THE

      GAY AND LESBIAN KINGDOM, an inside look at holidaying in the Gay

      Capital. This gay guide was forwarded to the Privy Council for approval so that

      it may be published on the net.


      Saturday May 2nd His Majesty spoke out criticizing the appointment of Pope

      Benedict XVI, calling him a homophobe.


      Speaking in Brisbane, Dale said "� His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI and the

      Catholic church hierarchy makes me sick to the stomach and the claims by

      them that they have a right to discriminate against gay and lesbian people

      sums up why so many people are suspicious of organized religion. It would not

      be so bad if the Catholic Church had an impeccable reputation when it comes

      to sex maters, but as a group, they have the most appalling record of sexual

      misconduct in history. I praise the government of New Zealand, Canada, Spain

      and the governments of other western societies who are now taking to reform

      the marriage law and to ensure that loving relationships can have a status

      recognized by the law. Homosexuality is not a modern day invention; it is

      something that has always been with us. Too many religious people excuse

      their blatant bigotry by hiding behind their religion. It is my belief that God would

      be sickened by people who felt they had the right to stand in judgment over

      other people. If Pope Benedict or anyone else tries to argue that homosexuality

      is condemned in the bible, I would like to remind them, that it is a book written

      by man, not God. It is a work of literature that has been bastardized, twisted

      and manipulated over the centuries to fit any number of opinions and values

      throughout the ages.


      The essence of the bible is what we should be clinging to: forgiveness,

      acceptance, compassion and love. We should as a society, condemn those

      who try to twist such principles into reason to condemn, ostracize and

      discriminate against another person who has done nothing wrong but live the

      life god gave them.�


      Sunday May 7th HIM Dale held a teleconference with Bill, Jon and Joe, the

      three members of the Privy Council.


      Monday 9th of May, the Embassy of the Gay Kingdom in Australia received a

      promotional banner from the Privy Council in America to accompany the crown

      out to the Gay Kingdom on the planed Royal tour scheduled for Friday May

      13th. The Privy Council will make this banner available for those wishing to

      promote the Gay Kingdom at various Pride events around the world, the first

      time it will be used is in this months Pensacola Pride event, America.


      Wednesday 11th of May, the Privy Council formally advised Dale of the signing

      of the 9 stamp designs for the Gay Kingdoms first commemorative issue due to

      become available in late September this year 2005.


      Friday 13th of May, in the Gay Capital Heaven, Cato Island, Dale and friends

      visited the Gay & Lesbian Memorial Plaque and spent the day on screech

      beach, snorkeling, swimming and had a picnic lunch of Chicken and

      champagne. 500,000 Beach She Oak seeds were also planted through out the

      Gay Capital.


      That afternoon Dale�s cousin, Lachlan the Crown Prince spent the day at Bryon

      Bay, swimming and surfing, that evening his Imperial Highness celebrated his

      19th birthday with his boyfriend in New Farm, Brisbane.


      Sunday 15th of May, the crown received correspondence from an interested

      party wishing to mint a commemorative coin that would be made available to

      help celebrate the Gay Kingdoms first anniversary of Independence. The court

      forwarded this correspondence to the Privy Council for discussion with the gay

      and lesbian general assembly for approval.


      Monday 16th of May, the crown received correspondence from Alyson

      Publications, San Francisco in America, the worlds leading publisher of gay

      and lesbian literature, asking for a submission on the publication of a book on

      the Gay Kingdom.


      Sunday May 21st HIM Dale held a teleconference with Bill, Jon and Joe the

      three members of the Privy Council.


      There were no other official functions or duties undertaken by the crown for the

      month of May.


      Office of the Marshall of the Realm,

      The Royal Palace

      The Gay and Lesbian Kingdom of the Coral Sea Islands.





      With the advice of Parliament and subject to the Gay Kingdom Act, Part VII, 1

      (a) HIM Dale takes great pleasure in appointing the Honourable Enrique P�rez

      to the Office of Prime Minister of the Gay and Lesbian Kingdom of the Coral



      Subject to the Act HIM Dale also announces the appointments of the

      Honourable Louis Trusty to the Office of Finance Minister, The Honourable

      Dallas Vinson to the Office of Minister of Tourism and Community Services and

      The Honourable Gunter van Cauwenbergh to the Office of Foreign Minister.



      Parliamentary Notices


      On 14 May 2005 in Parliament assembled;


      1)  Mr. Gunter van Cauwenbergh was properly sworn in to office as a legislator

      of the Kingdom by the Chief Justice.  �The oath administered was: �Do you,

      Gunter Van Cauwenbergh, solemnly and sincerely affirm and declare that you

      will be faithful and bear true allegiance to HIM Dale, His Heirs and successors

      according to law. Do you also solemnly and sincerely promise and declare that

      you will render true and faithful service as a member of the Legislative

      Assembly of the Gay and Lesbian Kingdom of the Coral Sea?�


      2)  On 14 May 2005, in Parliament assembled, Resolution MP-2005-00001a,

      creation of the office of Parliamentarian/Secretary of Parliament, was adopted

      by unanimous vote. The Honourable Jason P. Ruel was appointed to the newly

      created position, also by unanimous vote. Additionally, Resolution MP-2005-

      00002b, establishing the means and methods of asynchronous deliberation for

      Parliament, was unanimously adopted.


      HIM Dale wishes to express his admiration and pleasure for the way this

      Parliament, with the guidance of President Enrique P�rez, has achieved an

      atmosphere of cooperation and effectiveness.


      In the Emperor�s own words:


      �I take my hat off to the current government and particularly to Enrique the new

      President of the Parliament for the great work he and his current team are

      doing and for the way they are working together��




      - No Tenders were advertised for May


      Commercial notices

      - Bankruptcy Notices - Nil

      - Company Notices: - Nil

      - Appointment and Release of Receivers / Managers - Nil

      - Applications for Winding Up / Liquidations � Nil

      - Appointment and Release of Liquidators � Nil

      - Meetings and Last Dates by Which to Prove Debts or Claims � Nil

      - Removals � Nil

      - Dissolutions � Nil

      - Change of Company Name � Nil- Cessation of Business in the Gay Kingdom - Nil

      - Partnership Notices - Nil

      - Other � Nil

      - Land Transfer Notices - Nil

      - Charitable Trusts Notices - Nil

      - Friendly Societies and Gay Credit Unions Notices - Nil

      - Incorporated Societies Notices - Nil

      - General Notices - Nil

      Government notices � Nil


      - Private Bills - Nil

      - Departmental Notices - Nil

      - Authorities and Other Agencies of State Notices - Nil

      - Land Notices - Nil

      - Regulation Summary -Nil

      - General Section -Nil

      - New Year Honours � Nil


      Emperors Birthday Honours - Nil


      Supplements include:

      - Power Company Disclosure Information - Nil

      - Regulations - Nil

      - Tax Evaders - Nil

      - Anglers Notices -Nil

      - Racing Board Notices -Nil

      - Casino Control Notices.-Nil


      Professional and Trade Lists include:

      - List of Public Valuers -Nil

      - Register of Pharmacies -Nil

      - List of Marriage Celebrants �Nil


      The GLK Gayzette Is the official publication of the Government of the Gay

      Kingdom and is published on the 25th day of each month, and at other times

      when necessary, by the Office of the Department of Gay Internal Affairs. 

      Comments, suggestions, and recommendations should be addressed to


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