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Re: [gaykingdom] is the GLK a absolute monarchy or is it a democracy?

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  • Davey Brain
    ... Hi, The GLK is defined as a constitutional monarchy : the monarch has any power given him by the constitution. A good basic explanation on forms of
    Message 1 of 2 , May 2, 2005
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      Donald Clark wrote:
      > The following message was posted by Joe a member of the privy council
      > back in March, note the highlighted in red portion where he says that
      > the GLK is far from a democracy, then look further down the posting and
      > see a email that Don recieved thismorining where the Lord Protector
      > JonMatlick is talking about how the privy Concil should make it seem
      > like the GLK is a demorcacy, Well Boys which is it? well We are waiting,
      > and I amnot trying to cause problems, I really want toknow, this needs
      > to be made clear to all of us.

      The GLK is defined as a "constitutional monarchy": the monarch has any
      power given him by the constitution.

      A good basic explanation on forms of government is here: "Politics and
      Political Science" <http://www.ilstu.edu/~jnassar/politics.html>

      Under monarchies he says:

      "To be classified as a monarchy, a government must have some kind of
      royal family that inherits their position of power. Different types of
      monarchs exist. A monarchy may be a limited monarchy, a constitutional
      monarchy, or an absolute monarchy.

      A limited monarchy is one in which the royalty have only ceremonial
      powers. An example of this is in the United Kingdom. While Queen
      Elizabeth is considered the queen, she has no authority in lawmaking and
      does not deal with the parliament. A limited monarchy merely has a royal
      family for ceremonies and in keeping with tradition.

      The second type of monarchy is a constitutional monarchy. In this form
      of monarchy, the monarch has powers granted to him/her by the country’s
      constitution. An example of this form of monarchy is in Sweden. Here,
      the monarch can only use powers granted in the country’s constitution.

      The third and final type of monarchy is an absolute monarchy. In an
      absolute monarchy, the monarchy has supreme and absolute authority to do
      what it wishes. An example of this occurs in the country of Saudi
      Arabia. In Saudi Arabia, the royal family can enforce any law it wishes-
      no matter how bad it could be for the country. Absolute monarchies are
      often very oppressive to its people. For example, Saudi Arabia has very
      strict laws that have been put in place by the royal family. The people
      living in the country have no voice in an absolute monarchy."
      Under republics, he writes:

      "A republic is any government that does not have a monarch. Republics
      are also divided into three classes. A republic can be classified as a
      dictatorship, an oligarchy, or a democracy.

      A dictatorship is a government ruled by one commander. An example of
      this is Iraq. Saddam Hussein is [Note: now "was"] the dictator of Iraq.
      Whatever he decides becomes law. Dictatorships are similar to absolute
      monarchies in that they are very oppressive to the people of the
      country. The major difference between the two is that absolute
      monarchies are families inheriting their power while dictatorships often
      result from military takeovers or from an elected official who refuses
      to step down from his elected office.

      The second type of republic is an oligarchy. An oligarchy is a country
      ruled by the few. An example of this was in South Africa during
      Apartheid. During Apartheid, the white population, which was about 25%
      of the entire country’s population, commanded the power and the majority
      of the wealth of South Africa. At this time, blacks were not allowed to
      be involved in the political process and were forced to live only in
      certain areas. Apartheid has now been eliminated in South Africa, and
      the black majority now has more control over the political process and
      the government.

      The final type of republic is a democracy, which is what most consider
      the United States to be. In a democracy, it is rule by the majority.
      This rule by the majority takes place by voting and electing officials.
      The people of the country elect officials who hold similar views to
      their own to represent them."

      So I suggest you read this web page, google on things like
      "constitutional monarchy" and "forms of government" then you can decide
      for yourself where the GLK lies. But officially it is and will remain a
      "Constitutional Monarchy".

      Davey Brain
      Due to political oppression I'm seeking a Canadian or European
      spouse...any takers?

      "It is dangerous to be right when the established authorities are wrong"
      - Voltaire

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