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  • Dallas Vinson
    Hey, just wanted to let you know that we are shutting down the #gayfiction IRC channel since nobody ever uses it anymore. However, if you go the channels
    Message 1 of 5 , Apr 3 8:50 AM
      Hey, just wanted to let you know that we are shutting down the #gayfiction
      IRC channel since nobody ever uses it anymore. However, if you go the
      channels webpage, you will find that we have instead set up forums for the
      discussion of gay fiction (stories and authors), so go on over to the
      website and be one of the first to register on the new forums and get into
      the discussions.


    • Pierre-Paul B
      I agree totally with what you said. Even if someone dies, we must not become hypocrit or politically correct . Please let me add some other point of view
      Message 2 of 5 , Apr 5 12:00 PM
        I agree totally with what you said.
        Even if someone dies, we must not become "hypocrit" or "politically
        Please let me add some other point of view going in the same way (
        english and french version)

        Pierre Paul



        In the last year, as the pope degenerated further into diseased
        unconsciousness, desperately trying by any means to prolong his own
        life, how many other lives had he caused to shorten?  He has been a
        wonderful example of hypocrisy, following in the true church's
        tradition of condemning any new advance in science which could prolong
        life, and yet he did not hesitate to use all possible medical treatment
        for himself, which only yesterday was condemned by his predecessors.
        The inquisition who burned midwives as witches in the 1500s would have
        condemned the dead pontiff for his hospitalisation as surely as the
        dead pontiff condemned tomorrows stem cell medicine.


        If it had not been for the Vatican, medical science would be much more
        advanced today, we would already have found the cures to cancers, AIDS
        and all ills. The blind would be able to see and the lame would walk as
        predicted by Jesus. The truth is that the Vatican hindered medicine
        every step of the way, right from its inception, everything, right up
        to today with the most promising medicine of all: stem cell therapy.


        And yet the hypocrite did everything he could to benefit from medicine
        to prolong his own life! If the pope is really infallible, then his
        decree should be valid for ever and today's pope should not benefit
        from the medicine that his predecessors condemned. Either that, or the
        pope is not infallible. Let the diseased church die with the pope and
        give the keys of the Vatican stolen from St Peter to its rightful
        owner, His Holiness Rael, the true messenger of the Elohim, the
        extra-terrestrials who created all life on earth, who were mystified as
        god. (see rael.org)





        Au cours de la dernière année, alors que le pape sombrait dans une
        inconscience maladive, essayant désespérément par tous les moyens de
        prolonger sa propre vie, combien d'autres vies avait-il abrégées ? Il a
        été un merveilleux exemple d'hypocrisie, continuant dans de la
        véritable tradition de l’Église de condamner toute nouvelle avance en
        science qui pourrait prolonger la vie, alors que lui n’a pas hésitez à
        utiliser tout traitement médical possible pour lui, traitement qui
        seulement hier était condamné par ses prédécesseurs. L’Inquisition qui
        a brûlé les sages-femmes comme sorcières en 1500 aurait condamné le
        pontife mort pour son hospitalisation aussi sûrement que le pontife
        mort a condamné la médecine de demain à base de cellules souches.


        Si ce n’avait été que du Vatican, la science médicale serait beaucoup
        plus avancée aujourd'hui, nous aurions déjà trouvé les traitements pour
        les cancers, le SIDA et toutes les maladies. L’aveugle pourrait voir et
        le boiteux marcherait comme prévu par Jésus. La vérité est que le
        Vatican a entravé la médecine tout au long de sa progression, depuis
        ses débuts, jusqu'à aujourd'hui avec la médecine la plus prometteuse de
        toutes : la thérapie des cellules souches.


        Mais l'hypocrite a fait tout ce qu'il pouvait pour bénéficier de la
        médecine et prolonger sa propre vie ! Si le pape est vraiment
        infaillible, alors son décret devrait être valide à jamais et le pape
        d'aujourd'hui ne devrait pas tirer bénéfice de la médecine que ses
        prédécesseurs ont condamnée. Ou alors, le pape n'est pas infaillible.
        Laissez l'église malade mourir avec le pape et donner les clés du
        Vatican, volées à St-Pierre, à son propriétaire légitime, Sa Sainteté
        Raël, le vrai messager des Élohim, les extraterrestres qui ont créé
        toute vie sur terre, qui ont été mystifiés en dieu.

        (voir rael.org)

        Le 05-04-02, à 20:32, stanford_giles a écrit :

        > Good riddance to bad rubbish.
        > (Vatican City) Pope John Paul II has died ending what is regarded as
        > the most homophobic pontificate in history.
        > The Pope has been a constant voice of opposition to gay civil
        > rights, same-sex marriage, and the use of condoms to prevent AIDS.
        > His most recent attack on gays and lesbians came in his final
        > book, "Memory and Identity," published last month. (story)
        > The pope writes that gay marriage is "insidious" and "attempts to
        > pit human rights against the family and against man."
        > He also writes that lawmakers must resist the "pressures" put on
        > them to legalize same-sex unions.
        > In January, in a meeting with diplomats accredited to the Vatican
        > the Pope said that families "must necessarily be that of a union
        > between a man and a woman founded on marriage."
        > A month earlier, in a pre-Christmas message the Pope accused gays of
        > an "aggressive attempt to legally undermine the family." (story)
        > "Attacks on marriage and the family, from an ideological and legal
        > aspect, are becoming stronger and more radical every day," he said
        > in a statement to be read in churches worldwide.
        > "Who destroys this fundamental fabric causes a profound injury to
        > society and provokes often irreparable damage."
        > Last June, shortly after Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez
        > Zapatero announced he would bring in a bill to legalize gay
        > marriage, he was summoned to the Vatican for a severe tongue lashing
        > from John Paul. (story)
        > In a private audience the pope told Zapatero that his government
        > must conserve ethical and moral values rooted in its Christian
        > culture.
        > Following the 15 minute meeting the two emerged and the pope read a
        > public address to Zapatero in which he made clear his concern about
        > gay marriage, telling him that the Spanish government must "give due
        > attention to ethical values that are so rooted in the religious and
        > cultural tradition of the population."
        > Zapatero later said he appreciated the Pope's view but had no
        > intention of dropping the legislation.
        > Last summer, in advance of the US election, President Bush met with
        > the Pope at the Vatican. (story) Bush implored the Pope to increase
        > Catholic condemnation of gay marriage in the weeks leading up to the
        > election, and that the request also was made by the president to
        > senior Vatican officials.
        > Shortly after the meeting US bishops stepped up their assaults on
        > same-sex marriage, becoming actively involved in campaigns in 11
        > states where constitutional bans on gay marriage were on the
        > ballot. Voters in all 11 states approved the amendments.
        > The Pope and other Vatican officials have called for the repeal of
        > gay rights legislation passed by the European Union.
        > Two years ago, the Vatican released a 12 page directive to priests
        > around the world calling for a proactive stand to stop governments
        > from legalizing same-sex marriage and for a repeal of those those
        > already on the books that give rights, including adoption, to gay
        > couples. (story)
        > "Legal recognition of homosexual unions or placing them on the same
        > level as marriage would mean not only the approval of deviant
        > behavior ... but would also obscure basic values which belong to the
        > common inheritance of humanity," the document said.
        > On the subject of HIV/AIDS, the Pope in January attacked the use of
        > condoms, (story) after a leading Spanish prelate said that bishops
        > support the use of contraceptives to fight AIDS. The prelate quickly
        > backtracked after the Vatican intervened.
        > Education, chastity and sexual fidelity are the responsible methods
        > to combat AIDS, the Pope said.
        > John Paul's pontificate was also marked by the priest abuse scandal
        > in the US. The Vatican turned a blind eye as abusive priests were
        > moved from parish to parish.
        > When the scandal broke the Church was slow in cooperating with law
        > enforcement and fought lawsuits brought by abuse victims.
        > But, John Paul is also credited with helping bring about the end of
        > Communism, speaking out against the war in Iraq, and mending fences
        > with the Jewish community. Early in pontificate there was an
        > assignation attempt on him. Years later he met the man convicted of
        > the attempt and said he forgave him.
        > Cardinals will gather in Rome to chose a successor. That person
        > likely will continue the Church's assault on gays. The leading
        > candidates were all appointed by John Paul and are all theological
        > conservatives.
        > --- In gaykingdom@yahoogroups.com, "Jase" <neonjase@l...> wrote:
        >> very good words indeed Bill.
        >> The pope was a reconciliast... he reconciled with my people and
        > many others.
        >> While he was backwards in some of his thoughts on gay men and
        > women, he was
        >> a leader none the less and a very passionate man.
        >> I will mourn his loss as a human being.
        >> www.neonjase.com
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