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Meeting of the Legislative Assembly on April 2 2005

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  • Enrique J PĂ©rez
    Fellow Citizens, I apologize for the lateness in sending this message and agenda. On April 2 2005 2:00 PM Pacific Time US (GMT-10), we will be having a
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      Fellow Citizens,

      I apologize for the lateness in sending this message and agenda. 

      On April 2 2005 2:00 PM Pacific Time US (GMT-10), we will be having a Legislative meeting of our Assembly on mIRC as follows:

      Server: rfglk.dyndns.org
      Port:  6667

      Once connected and with the channel window open, type the following just as it is written:


      ***Note this is a change in  Server and Channel***

      The following is my proposed Agenda.  Since we will have a lot of ground to cover, I have kept it as simple as possible:


      Call to Order

      Roll Call of the Assembly

          Honorable mentions

      Motion to accept Agenda


          Confirmation for the record - Resignation of Jaix Brooks and Jonathan Oriole

          Organizational gathering of March 26 2005 - Brief Summary

      Old Business

          Assembly Officers


             Deputy President

          Oath of Office (administered by the right Honorable Lord William Freeman)

      New Business


          Motion - that Legislative Assembly Sessions shall be scheduled for maximum duration of  two hours unless so noted.

          Motion - to amend the Gay Kingdom Act of 2004 Part XII Division 2 Section 1 to state:

          The Legislative Assembly shall meet regularly on the first Saturday of every calendar month at GMT-10 unless formal public notice is delivered no less than 25 days prior to said meeting to HIM or his duly appointed representative.

          (a) If the Legislative Assembly, by a simple majority, chooses to convene one or more Special Legislative Sessions in addition to the regular session described in section 1, then the President of the Assembly or another duly appointed member shall deliver written notice to HIM or his duly appointed representative no less than 6 days prior to the first of said sessions.

      ============= Time Permitting ===================

      Discuss upcoming elections and document requirement of voting citizens

          Member of Privy Council will make presentation

      Create committee to look into use of Roberts Rules of Order for all official government meetings

      Discuss creation of government Ministries for the purpose of organizing the government.

      Discuss leadership of the Ministries and related amendments of the Gay Kingdom Act.

      Discuss further Kingdom-wide gatherings to brainstorm ideals for organization of the Kingdom.


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