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Re: [gaykingdom] Re: To those who question "Is the Gay Kingdom fake?"

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  • wjf@bellsouth.net
    Hi Ryan, Let your conscience be your guide. I m sorry if you felt ignored, but events sometimes overtake us in getting from one day to the next. Our Kingdom is
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 30, 2005
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      Lol, I thought this was a decent post...  Now I feel frustrated.  Of
      course I'm sure it was ignored since Jaix post.  I think that mostly
      because it was posted just befor jaix's post.

      I guess I'll take silence as acceptance.

      Ryan R. Richardson

      --- In gaykingdom@yahoogroups.com, "Ryan R" <ryan84r@h...> wrote:
      > Dear Citizens who need proof,
      > Dear Citizens who don't need proof,
      > I thought about it really hard.  Like I was trying to imply before;
      > once you cast doubt on something before it could possibly be
      > then you can only hurt everyone in other ways.  One way was people
      > because of their doubt in the kingdom.  I also began to doubt it.
      > I admit I'm new here.  I had lots of hope.  But then people made a
      > big deal out of some issue so all my hopes were dashed pretty
      > winningly.
      > On to the point.   I really thought about it.  First off I am ever
      > the optimist so I decided that even if it didn't exist, you had a
      > bunch of people who were interesting and worth talking to.  But
      > the inner cynic laid its hand down.  I realized there was no proof
      > the world that could really prove to me that this kingdom existed. 
      > Especially when it was so new.  NOTHING.  I could see a batch of
      > photos and would that mean there was a kingdom? Or would it mean
      > there's a photo of an island with a plaque on it…  If a newspaper
      > talked about?  Well they obviously got there information from the
      > website.  They didn't send anyone to the island to see it.  They
      > didn't call the Australian government or the U.N. (some might have
      > course) to see about the paperwork that was sent in.  So no proof. 
      > But.  And this is one big but.  A derrière of mighty proportions,
      > even.  But I realized that no matter what anyone said a country is
      > still a group of individuals striving towards a common goal.  A
      > is a group of individuals striving towards a common goal.  A club
      > a group of individuals striving towards a common goal.  I was
      > reminded of this by my second example, of the play, a play where I
      > knew no one but was accepted into instantly and loved and cared
      > Each one of those individual people strove because they wanted to
      > build something great.  If they had stopped at the beginning and
      > wondered if it could really be done.  It wouldn't have gotten
      > Many things wouldn't get done.  That play has run and it's
      > into a beautiful memory.  Just this last night it was over.  I
      > suppose what-ifs with it because everything that needed to happen
      > it to be great did.  People made those things happen.  Look at your
      > resident country.  It happened.  People didn't stop or quit to get
      > their goals. 
      > My great point is that if you get a group of people who want
      > something.   Who want it desperately enough to do great deeds then
      > nothing else matters.  No problem is too great.  No amount of
      > will stop them.  Hurdles will be in the now but forgotten in the
      > foreseeable future.
      > So even if this was a fake country.  Which if you read carefully,
      > are sure to notice that I believe it is not (fake that is.)  Even
      > it was then all it would need is a small group of people who
      > it could be, to make it happen.  We have the people.  We most
      > certainly have the imagination.  What else is there?
      > My best regards,
      > Ryan R. Richardson

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