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GLK Finances

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  • Joe Grande
    In message # 1828 and 1829, Assembly member Oriole, asks the question; “ What is the financial status of the GLK government? Do you believe that members of
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 29, 2005

      In message # 1828 and 1829, Assembly member Oriole, asks the question;


      � What is the financial status of the GLK government?  Do you believe that

      members of the government are acting in a fiscally responsible manner and that

      hey represent the financial interests of the GLK citizenry?  Has the government

      acted appropriately in raising and spending funds for the GLK?  Has the

      government provided sufficient and timely accountings of its financial activity? 

      Are these financial accountings accurate and realistic? Are they independently



      I will direct his attention and anyone else that has questions about the financial

      status of the GLK to the March 25, 2005 Gayzette.  The GLK Gayzette was

      mailed to all members of this group.  You will also find the GLK Gayzette in the

      files section of this group.  I quote from that Gayzette;


      GLK Financial Statement As of 2/28/2005


      1 AUD = .589 �, 1 USD = .742 �



      6 Trips to Cato, (5890.00 � each)                 35,340.00 �

      Stamp Design                                                    3,248.93

      Stationary                                                           1,023.54

      Two large brass plaques for Heaven                  389.88

      Stone Scroll Base for plaques                             779.78

      Internet registration and hosting for 9 months     919.55

      Web Site Development                                         625.71

      International Telephone Calls                                 93.60

      Postage                                                              1,962.69

      Total:                                                                 44,883.68 �



      Citizenship Registration/Passports                    2200.32 �


      Balance                                                          < 42,683.36 � >


      What all this means is the Kingdom has spent 42,683.36 � ($ 57,524.74 USD),

      MORE than they have taken in.  Where did this money come from?  It came

      from the pockets of a few GLK members that have spent their own money to get

      this dream off the ground.  These same people continue to spend their own

      money to move along this dream.


      The financial status of the Kingdom has NEVER been withheld from anyone that

      asked for the information.  Accusations have been made.  Aspersions have

      been cast.  However no one has asked for the information.  It is the intention of

      the Privy Council to publish the financial statement as a regular section of the

      monthly GLK Gayzette.


      If anyone has a question about the financial status of the Kingdom, all they need

      to do is ask the proper person and they will receive a prompt answer.  Most of

      us were told as a child by our mother to always say �Please� and �Thank-you�. 

      That is still fine advice for adults.  Making accusations and casting aspersions

      is not the way to get the information.  We are all in this together and we need

      everyone to move forward this dream.  As the saying goes, �Ask and you shall



      Joe Grande, MPC


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