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    Dear citizens of the Gay and Lesbian Kingdom, When I joined the Gay and Lesbian Kingdom of the Coral Sea Islands, I believed it to be a serious attempt to
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 29, 2005
      Dear citizens of the Gay and Lesbian Kingdom,

      When I joined the Gay and Lesbian Kingdom of the Coral Sea Islands, I believed it to be a serious attempt to achieve sovereignty for GLBT citizens, or at least increase publicity of the plight of our people -- a noble goal, one which I share with you and millions of others around the world. However, I no longer believe that the GLK is what it has claimed to be. Rather, it appears to be nothing more than yet another virtual forum full of people sniping at each other instead of working together to build a community truly worthy of international recognition.

      It is with great regret and a heavy heart, then, that I am left with no choice but to resign my position as a Member of Parliament and renounce my "citizenship" in the GLK. I believe that continuing in any capacity in this organization would not be a worthwhile use of my resources and energy. I sincerely hope that you will prove me wrong and will make the GLK a source of true pride for the entire global GLBT community and a "light unto the nations".

      I would like to point out, however, that I am NOT resigning in connection with any accusations made against myself, President James (Jaix) Brooks, or any other Members of Parliament. While I did NOT authorize Mr. Brooks to use my signature on his message to the community dated March 28, 2005, that doesn�t mean that I disagree with him. I don�t believe that he has resigned his position and that proclamations made by third parties to that effect are meaningless. I, personally, have never advocated overthrowing the monarchy or anything of the sort, but I firmly believe that any government derives its legitimacy solely from the consent of the citizenry. And if, at some point, the people choose -- in a democratic fashion -- to alter the system of government, I would hope that your appointed and elected officials would respect such a decision. Moreover, I would hope that all citizens of the GLK would be free to debate any and all points of view without fear of reprisal by the government. I find it incredibly disturbing that merely speaking one�s mind in a public forum is considered treason in the GLK, a charge that has been repeatedly leveled against me and other members of the community for voicing legitimate concerns and beliefs.

      Before I bid farewell, however, I would like to leave you with several important questions to ask yourselves and your government officials. My sincere hope is that the government will be open and honest in answering these and any other questions that will arise in the future.

      1. Is the GLK a constitutional monarchy? If so, what is the status of the constitution and proposed reforms to make it more stable? What, in fact, is the process for amending the constitution (if any such process exists)? Is there a constitutional separation of powers and, if so, to what extent is it adhered by members of the government? Are all members of the government acting in accordance with constitutional guidelines and do you believe that they are upholding their constitutional duties to the citizens of the GLK? What exactly is the role of the monarch and of his "representatives"? Are they indeed acting on his behalf or out of their own prerogatives?

      2. Is the GLK a democracy? (Members of the "Privy Council" have maintained that it is not.) What role do your elected representatives have in this government, as opposed to the rule of appointed "executive officers"? Do you have confidence that these officers and the elected Members of Parliament are, in fact, acting in your best interest and in the best interest of the whole of GLK citizenry? Does the government have a responsibility to answer to the citizens of the GLK, or is it an absolute authoritarian autocracy? Do you believe that the government has been acting in an open and forthright manner and is responsive to the citizens? Are there protections in place for the freedoms of speech, thought, religion, and free assembly (physical and virtual)? If so, are these protections being enforced with the full weight of the law?

      3. What is the financial status of the GLK government? Do you believe that members of the government are acting in a fiscally responsible manner and that they represent the financial interests of the GLK citizenry? Has the government acted appropriately in raising and spending funds for the GLK? Has the government provided sufficient and timely accountings of its financial activity? Are these financial accountings accurate and realistic? Are they independently verifiable?

      4. What role is the "press" playing in promoting the government�s policies? Do you believe that an independent, free media is crucial to a democracy? If so, do you believe that such an independent media exists in the GLK? Do you believe that public forums (e.g., message boards, chat, etc.) are free and open to all who wish to speak their peace? Or are these forums being unnecessarily censored and that certain points of view are being barred from the public debate?

      5. What do you really know the history of the GLK, other than that which is posted on the "official" website? Given the recent scandal involving falsified photographs on the website and information provided by former members of the government, do you believe that the government officer(s) responsible for dispensing information about the GLK to the public have acted in an appropriate manner? Do you believe that these officers have done everything in their power to make truthful information about the history of the GLK and its government available to the public and to the citizenry?

      Best of luck to all citizens of the GLK and to its government.

      Yours in Peace and Pride,
      Jonathan J. Oriole

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