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Re: Jo of the EU

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  • jaixbrooks
    ... Coral ... official ... on ... goverment ... We ... Joe, We are running on all cylinders today! You are right also...one step at a time Jaix
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      --- In gaykingdom@yahoogroups.com, "Zjo" <den_zjo@y...> wrote:
      > Hello Jaix,
      > A Ministery of Forgain Affairs is essential before starting
      > diplomatic relations in order to get recognition.
      > One of the biggest questions by forgain countries before they even
      > think about recognition will be if anyone actualy lives on the
      > Sea Islands and if so if those inhabitants agree with the
      > independance of the GLK. If there are no inhabitants that call
      > themselves "citizen of the GLK" on those islands, it will be
      > impossible to claim them.
      > An other issue is that there should be at least 1 official building
      > (address) on the capital island were the official tasks are
      > officialy preformed (Assembly, Goverment, Ministeries, Court,
      > Imperial household). A barrac, hut or tent with the GLK-flag on it
      > would be enough I guess. A government in "exile" is very hard - of
      > not impossible - to get recognized.
      > Meaning the court, assembly and goverment should have their
      > address in the capital "Heaven" on Cato Island (or somewhere else
      > the GLK territory). The current addresses of the court and
      > in the USA and Australia should get an other offical name (sort
      > of "embassy" of "official representation house"). Of course that
      > doesn't change the fact that the actual court & government-
      > activities still can take place in those "embassies", it's just the
      > name of the "building" that should change.
      > I know I'm playing the devils advocate here, but I just want to be
      > sure that the GLK is ready for the questions other nations will ask.
      > Greetz,
      > Joe
      > --- In gaykingdom@yahoogroups.com, "jaixbrooks" <Jaix99@a...> wrote:
      > >
      > > You are a good and valuable friend! We may want to "pick your
      > brain"
      > > in the near future.....it won't hurt too much! ;)
      > > We are still thinking about Ministries such as Foreign Affairs.
      > > still have a mountain of consultations to do between the members
      > of
      > > Assembly. I think all of our heads are spinning. But for me it
      > is
      > > happy spinning! I feel a great deal of momentum building for us
      > in
      > > the GLK.
      > > So everyone tell someone about us...get them to give us a look.
      > >
      > > Sincere regards,
      > >
      > > Jaix Brooks
      > > Member Elect
      > > GLK Assembly

      We are running on all cylinders today!
      You are right also...one step at a time

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