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  • Fremont BridgeMan
    Feb 1, 2005
      The privy Council is an advisory body to the Chief Judge and the Crown.  They have limited legislative powers, however until an Assembly is in place, the Privy Council with the assent of the Emperor are running the government.  The January edition of the Gayzette, located in the files section of the group list the members of the Privy Council.  There are (were) five members.  The Chief Judge, the Lord Protector, and three other members. Because of an interchange of comments with Jaix on this site, it was suggested one of the members of the Privy Council submit his resignation. He did and it was accepted. There are now four members of the Privy Council.
      I hope this sheds a little more light on the subject.

      Jayson DiCotignano <president@...> wrote:
      I'm right there with you Alfred!  It's as if you read my mind and heart.  I'll go one further - I was considering running for a legislative position.  I know all the stresses that these people are under (financial, mental, if they're in relationships, then their relationships are stressed as well).  I refer to them as people because I don't know the makeup of who is in charge of what and who exactly does what.  Only by sitting on the sidelines and watching the debates am I able to figure out who is who.  I guess only time will tell.  I downloaded the files today so I could read all the material, and I don't feel any more closer to a decision in running.  The problem is that no one is running.  The question is what are we running for?   I know that there's a Privy Council, but who are they made up of? And what are they in charge or in control of?  The elections forthcoming, with no candidates as of yet, are for a Legislative body.  What is the purpose of this election of a Legislative body?
      Side note to Bill:  I haven't ignored or forgotten you?  Give me a day or so to respond!
      "There are a thousand reasons to live ~ and being gay is one of them!"

      -------- Original Message --------
      from Vicky
      From: "Alfred" <loas_toy@...>
      Date: Mon, January 31, 2005 7:50 pm
      To: gaykingdom@yahoogroups.com

      I am seriously considering asking for removal from the GLK group. I
      have noticed a distinct flavor about it that is causing me to wonder
      why I was eager to join it in the first place. It pains me because I
      understand the amount of frustration the leaders of the group must be
      under, but I have to wonder if it is that bad, why reamin in a
      position that would cause such personal stress in the first place?
      Did anyone twist anyone else's arm, or what? If you are not in an
      emotional or financial position to take up such an undertaking then
      why the hell not admit it and go on about your business?

      Sure, the leaders are doing a wonderful thing if what they are about
      is what I have believed it to be. On the other hand, banning people
      within such a short time of starting such a group doesn't bode well
      for the future of the group or of their endeavours. I am seriously
      thinking that the only thing about this group that was initially
      attractive is the pie in the sky, uptopian dream we all probably
      share of a queer motherland. In the real world, I have met just as
      many off putting queers and dykes as I have straights, but I
      certainly wouldn't want to live in a world without them.

      Sitting here wondering if I will be banned for posting such musings
      or heresy, depnding on how you look at it.

      Unless someone knows something I don't about Yahoo message boards or
      groups, it doesn't cost anything to post messages. For those who
      don't care for messages from others, why not SKIP their entrees and
      let it go at that? It's quite plain who the poster is prior to
      opening a message, is it not?

      Something sure smells rotten in Denmark. Relevant or not, the banned
      poster harmed no one, and short of being a nuisance to some, he may
      very well have ended up being a very strong supporter of the cause.
      Be that as it may, it's not my decision to make.

      Will mull over this whole thing with a nights sleep. If I'm not
      banned by morning, will carefully consider my own affiliation with
      this group.

      --- In gaykingdom@yahoogroups.com, Jack Blue <marthyjane1880@y...>
      > > If there are thosedX´┐Ż here who truly believe that Mr.
      > > Brooks' comments were relevant to the discussion
      > > here, and that his voice needs to be heard, make
      > > your opinions known here-- I shall recuse myself
      > > from the matter, and leave it up to the whole of the
      > > Privy Council to decide whether to restore Mr.
      > > Brooks access.
      > >  
      > > Sincerely,
      > > Kyle Thorne, LP
      > Good Lord, no!  I for one am mortally tired of Jaix
      > and am glad he's gone.  Thank you!
      > Jack Blue
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