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624lurking, politics, and groups

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  • negativehead
    Jan 31, 2005
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      hi all,
      with some of the recent postings i was beginning to wonder if this group had somehow transmogrified from the Gay Kingdom to the Tragic Kingdom - no doubt some here are more committed than others.
      i on the other hand subscribe to the Marxist Axiom - that's Groucho Marx - that "I'd never want to be a member of a club that would have me as a member".
      What i am implying by that, is that i don't think i have yet earned the right to question everyone else's motives - just because i joined and this is my first post.
      i am something of lurker by nature, well not the standing outside schools wearing nothing but a raincoat type, so i guess i like to see which way the water is flowing before i step in.
      i am a New Zealand Citizen, even though i have lived most of my life in Australia, and i don't think i am about to pledge allegiance to the land down under any time soon.  (Thought i did once tell a friend that i would become an Australian Citizen the day i finally transitioned from male to female - at least this way i would have two different passports, with two different names, with two different photographs, which are both me - i guess).
      i am also the sort of person who questions everything, which my friends would no doubt attest to, so i think the nature of any email group is a form of group communication.  anything i (or anyone else) say should be addressed as if it were intended for all, not just an individual.  with this in mind i hope that i (and everyone else) can keep their opinions about each other to themselves, and remember that a good group conversation is one which every comment helps to contribute towards some outcome - rather than the opposite.
      high ideals i know.
      as far as this being a kingdom is concerned, the English signed the Magna Carta and their Royal Family is still around.  In most monarchies today the role of political governance does not lie with the throne - except maybe in some Middle Eastern and African countries.
      "How Am I Not Myself?" Jude Law.
      [from the movie 'I Heart Huckabees'. 2004]