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    Jan 31, 2005
      Hi Everyone,

      I was out of town all day and came back to find today's
      I would like to state a point and an opinion.
      1) There has been some discussion of changing the GLK from a Kingdom
      to a republic or other form of government and this was one of
      topics as well. Let me remind everyone that our CLAIM to the Coral Sea
      Islands is based in LAW, which pretty much REQUIRES us to be a kingdom
      if our claim is to be VALID.

      "…The status of this law which holds that anyone assisting a
      defacto prince attain his office cannot be charged
      with treason. This law goes further to say that anyone
      hindering a defacto Prince in the discharge of his
      Princely duties may be charged with treason.
      Therefore the gay community have adopted the
      status of a Principality/Kingdom and bestowed the
      title of Prince/Emperor upon our chosen leader Dale
      Parker Anderson who is directly descendant from the
      murdered gay King of England Edward II, thereby
      gaining further protection than the gay and lesbian
      community otherwise had…"

      2) Whether we agree, or disagree, with a decision of the Privy Council
      (or a member of the council) we need to stand behind their decisions.
      After all, they are our government. If you think that they are not the
      people you want as your government then you have the option of
      nominating yourself or a candidate of your choice in the coming
      election and then voting accordingly.(For example I did not agree the
      Bush's war on Iraq and I voted against him in the election)

      As always,
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