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263Re: Re: [gaykingdom] Citizenship papers

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  • wjf@bellsouth.net
    Jan 3, 2005

      This is Joe Grande from Seattle.  I used another
      e-mail address when I registered.  The Other e-mail
      address I used is:


      Arnold Altamirano, my partner uses:

      We received your package and returned it the next day.
      I mailed it at the post office to make sure there was
      enough postage.

      I haven't heard from you if you got our com[leter
      Passport paperwork back yet.

      Also, there is a good chance you have me mixed up with
      someone else.

      Joe Grande
      --- wjf@... wrote:

      > Is this the email address you registered with?
      > If you are who I think, your packet went out
      > December 24, 2004,
      > via Priority Mail.  I haven't been registering the
      > packets, but we
      > haven't received any back yet either.
      > -Bill Freeman
      >  gaycourt.org
      > >
      > > From: "floridabluestoo" <jonmmat@...>
      > > Date: 2005/01/03 Mon PM 04:05:50 EST
      > > To: gaykingdom@yahoogroups.com
      > > Subject: [gaykingdom] Citizenship papers
      > >
      > >


      Having completed the website forms for citizenship
      and paid my $100
      (already appears on my CC statement) over two weeks
      ago I am wondering
      where the official paperwork is or if I should dispute
      the charges to
      my CC......

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