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2411Re: GLKingdom-Update?

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  • lkwls13
    Apr 28, 2009
      Who are the members of these councils?

      --- In gaykingdom@yahoogroups.com, Enrique J Perez <ejp13@...> wrote:
      > jacksonnopp wrote:
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      > > Can someone who knows post an update on the GLKingdom?
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      > Hello,
      > The Kingdom is alive and well, though not very active in recent times.
      > To see updates on what is going on in general, I refer you to read the
      > Gayzettes in the file section. We do our best to publish quarterly
      > during the current period and under the current circumstances.
      > To give a brief ad hoc update, the government has three councils active
      > and functioning in varying degrees: The Royal Council, the Governing
      > Council, and the Advisory Council.
      > 1) In recent times, the Royal Council has been active with the greatest
      > regularity. As a member of this council, I can say that we have been
      > meeting monthly until last December, and now meet about every six
      > weeks. The council is involved in both research and preparation for the
      > moment a new Parliament is seated, but its mandate is primarily focused
      > on the Crown and the Monarchy along with matters and areas that involve
      > both Crown and Monarchy. Several projects have been put forward and
      > adopted that include the creation of a society within the Kingdom.
      > 2) The Constitutional Committee of the Governing Council has been
      > actively involved in both historical research and construction of a new
      > Constitution that reflects both the long term goals of the Kingdom and
      > the needs of our people world wide. Our goal has been a document that
      > considers both short term as well as long term needs of the government
      > and reflects the true nature of our Constitutional Monarchy. The
      > document is in it's final review cycle, with the kind assistance of the
      > Royal Council, and its supporting Organic Laws are currently being written.
      > The Historical Committee of the Governing Council is finishing the
      > compilation of the history of the Kingdom since its inception and
      > creation, and through all of its tribulations. This is being done by a
      > member of the current government that was involved during those times
      > and with those governments. Once the project has been completed, the
      > information will be formatted and loaded on the new web site.
      > Once the Constitution is completed, filed, and posted, along with its
      > supporting Organic laws, we will proceed with the re-vitalization of
      > Parliament, and hold elections planned for sometime this year. This new
      > Constitution will be a Renaissance of the Kingdom!
      > The government is moving forward, and all of us appreciate the
      > continuing support of our friends...
      > /s/ Enrique PĂ©rez
      > Prime Minister
      > Governing Council
      > Royal Council
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