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2403Re: [gaykingdom] GLKingdom-Update?

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  • Enrique J Perez
    Apr 13, 2009
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      jacksonnopp wrote:
      > Can someone who knows post an update on the GLKingdom?

      The Kingdom is alive and well, though not very active in recent times.
      To see updates on what is going on in general, I refer you to read the
      Gayzettes in the file section. We do our best to publish quarterly
      during the current period and under the current circumstances.

      To give a brief ad hoc update, the government has three councils active
      and functioning in varying degrees: The Royal Council, the Governing
      Council, and the Advisory Council.

      1) In recent times, the Royal Council has been active with the greatest
      regularity. As a member of this council, I can say that we have been
      meeting monthly until last December, and now meet about every six
      weeks. The council is involved in both research and preparation for the
      moment a new Parliament is seated, but its mandate is primarily focused
      on the Crown and the Monarchy along with matters and areas that involve
      both Crown and Monarchy. Several projects have been put forward and
      adopted that include the creation of a society within the Kingdom.

      2) The Constitutional Committee of the Governing Council has been
      actively involved in both historical research and construction of a new
      Constitution that reflects both the long term goals of the Kingdom and
      the needs of our people world wide. Our goal has been a document that
      considers both short term as well as long term needs of the government
      and reflects the true nature of our Constitutional Monarchy. The
      document is in it's final review cycle, with the kind assistance of the
      Royal Council, and its supporting Organic Laws are currently being written.

      The Historical Committee of the Governing Council is finishing the
      compilation of the history of the Kingdom since its inception and
      creation, and through all of its tribulations. This is being done by a
      member of the current government that was involved during those times
      and with those governments. Once the project has been completed, the
      information will be formatted and loaded on the new web site.

      Once the Constitution is completed, filed, and posted, along with its
      supporting Organic laws, we will proceed with the re-vitalization of
      Parliament, and hold elections planned for sometime this year. This new
      Constitution will be a Renaissance of the Kingdom!

      The government is moving forward, and all of us appreciate the
      continuing support of our friends...

      /s/ Enrique PĂ©rez
      Prime Minister
      Governing Council
      Royal Council
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