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  • William J. Freeman
    Nov 26, 2006
      Well, at least there is hope that gay nationalism is alive and well in the world.

      Our site, at www.gaykingdom.org, will be back up and running either late this
      year or early next. Our group has actually been working through issues of the
      best way to unify our gay tribe - so there will be news on that as well as an
      action plan focused on basic human rights for citizens of the Unified Gay

      I think in stopping long enough to fully consider how to best proceed in the face
      of a king bent on perpetrating a fraud and acting as if it were a speeding
      violation, and the proper way to address such a self-admittedly wayward royal
      has been troubling. Our position has been that a gay homeland and gay
      nationalism is important enough to merit further attention, notwithstanding the
      fact of the behaviour of our prior leaders.

      The Court established both a guardianship and conservatorship over the king
      to protect citizens and non-citizens from existing bad acts, and the king decided
      he did not want to be restrained because of his bad conduct. The tribe chose to
      disassociate from the King on that basis. Lochlan conveniently disappeared
      when the clear need for succcession arose.

      Dale refused offers from us in the states to travel at our expense to discuss any
      of these issues, and refused to meet with the president of the parliament while
      the president was in Australia - so these encounters also supported withdrawal
      from the previous protectorate to something better able to actually protect people
      from a king not always willing to tell the entire truth or cooperate with his
      government in carrying forth its business.

      The new website will cover much of the history of the Gay Kingdom, and help those
      interested in pursuing citizenship in a gay homeland to do so. That said, we are not
      set up to respond to 50 questions in this forum and anticipate a FAQ being made a
      part of the new site.

      For those that were rightly wondering if we were dead, I hope this brief post confirms
      we are not, and that gay nationalism is alive and well in the Gay Kingdom.

      -Bill Freeman
      Lord Chancellor
      > From: "Viktor Zimmermann" <viktor.zimmermann@...>
      > Date: 2006/11/22 Wed AM 11:17:27 EST
      > To: gaykingdom@yahoogroups.com
      > Subject: [gaykingdom] Re: gay marrige
      > Ahem, at least the Emperor is apparently alive and kicking, his new
      > website is located here:
      > http://gayandlesbiankingdom.com/
      > The citizens? Well, I don't know. The few gay nationalists who went
      > with our group (gay republic), are located here:
      > http://gayhomeland.org/
      > You might also be interested in looking up "gay nationalism" and "Gay
      > and lesbian kingdom of the coral sea" at http://wikipedia.org/
      > Vicky
      > --- In gaykingdom@yahoogroups.com, "b4michael" <b4michael@...> wrote:
      > > Is this GAy kingdom still alive/ What of the crown prince "lochlan"
      > ???
      > > It is a shame it neer rellay went off the ground.
      > >
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