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2334回复: [gaykingdom] Handsome & the Beast

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  • Ming
    Jan 27, 2006
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      HI, dear Rij:
      Thank you for your writting. Although I can not understand it fully. What you want to say can be conveied to me.
      Thank you and wish you be happy all the time.
      Tomorrow is our Chinese new year, the most important holiday in our life. Wish you happy new year and write more and let us to read. 

      Ridgeer Roy <ridgeet_roy@...> 写道:
      Recently I saw a mail in one of the groups that said it was more tough to be gay when you are disabled. Much do i hate to admit it... it is true. It is tough to be gay when I do not fit in the good looks category... And thus, not only does the good lookers reject, but sadly, so does the not-so good lookers....
      Sometime back I had taken this subject up. And a lot of people seem to agree upon the fact that their body contour seems to be a the primary items on the validation checklist everyone carries around. And so lets chalk down some of the facts that I understood -
      1. Ironically, both fairest and tanned seems to be on the choice list.
      2. Six pack and muscules are a definite +100
      3. Please dont have nething less than a chiseled face (if u dont, u must have a stubble / boyish / cute / rugged one ... )
      4. Hairy and Smooth ... as long as the chest is nicely curved, its perfect
      5. The big Dick still rules
      Of course, the mannerisms are something I never have been able to understand. Both Masculine and feminine seems to be interchangeably sought after. And so does personality, intelligence and "less attitude"...
      After all these items are checked, maybe making a few compromises here and there (you know when you are too hot and the guy has a place nearby, you gotta make the right choice - as someone once told me), you have some1 to play with;
      What happens to the ones in the rejected ones. Well, I would like to believe that there is someone for everyone. Quite derogatory, but its like birds of a feather flock together. I sincerely apologise, but thats what Bridget Jones had hinted...
      That makes me wonder - does our shallowness drives us to such limits ? Or is it just a way of life ? But whatever it is, one always find his space in this world; no matter how much one gets ridiculed and mocked, there is always twice the number waiting somewhere to make you feel special... probably you need to look out more... and wait for the right time...
      Dedicated to all of us who belong to the definition of being handsome in the eyes of the ones who brought us to this world


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      David Ming
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