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  • B Bear
    Nov 11, 2005

      ItÂ’s time to BREATHE! 

      Blair R. Poole has finally released his greatly anticipated debut novella - BREATHE. This compelling novella tells the story of Nafiq Johnson- an urban teen who battles to keep his sexuality hidden from his devout, religious family and homophobic friends. However, when a close acquaintance finds out his secret, his world is turned upside down. Will he survive? Will he be able to cope? Will he try to change his lifestyle?  Check out BREATHE and find out what is in store for this young brother.


      BREATHE is for ALL readers who enjoy well-written, interesting, dramatic, and gripping literature. Please visit Blair's website to read an excerpt, to learn more about this talented author, and to purchase the book. 


      Website: http://www.blairrpoole.com


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