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2270Re: [gaykingdom] Please check your religion at the door

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  • Jase
    Oct 17 10:27 AM
      Respectfully, just because you do not believe in G-d or a higher being, does not mean that we as a community should outlaw faith and religion. What we should outlaw is a mandatory or "state" religion. There are many faiths that are gay inclusive and welcoming. And it is hard for a person of faith, namely myself, to always check it at the door. Does this mean I am not a good leader or a moral and equal person? No!
      I don't believe religion has ever been thrown around in anyone's face or used as a mean to say "I told you so".
      While I respect your belief, I would strongly argue against it because that would not welcome all. It would push back and possibly discriminate against people whom do have a faith. Outlaw mandatory or "state" religions, but not faith of the people. 
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      From: Gart
      Date: 10/17/05 12:13:57
      Subject: [gaykingdom] Please check your religion at the door

      Hi all!

      I have been following the debates here for a while now, and I would like to make a suggestion: Please check your religion at the door, or for future immigrants into the gay kingdom; at customs upon entry.

      Religion has brought us nothing but pain and suffering and is the direct cause of all anti-gay discrimination worldwide. Therefore it is one of the main reasons why we want a sovereign state to begin with.

      In my humble opinion, there is no god. I don't even believe in Santa Claus, and I can see him!

      Everyone is free to believe whatever they want, of course, but faith is a private matter and it should remain that way. It is irritating to me that god gets dragged into these debates all the time. I think we should establish that the foundation of the gay kingdom is strictly a legal and political matter, and specifically a non-religious one.

      Even in a gay state, religion can become a source of division and conflict. I say; outlaw and abolish all organized religion from the gay state and make it a constitutional amendment that organized religion has no place there.




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