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2189To the Citizens of the Gay and Lesbian Kingdom of the Coral Sea Islands,

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  • Jase
    Jul 23, 2005
      To the Citizens of the Gay and Lesbian Kingdom of the Coral Sea Islands, the Parliament, Privy Council, HIM, and members of this Yahoo Group... my dear friends,
      I, Jason P. Ruel, following this announcement on July 23, 2005 at 19:00:00 GMT -6, do hereby resign from my position as Parliamentarian/Secretary of Parliament, and my position as a Member of Parliament. I do this with a heavy heart. My health has been progressively worsening over the last year to the point where I have been hospitalized many times. That, coupled with problems in my community as well as the fact that my schoolwork to complete my degree is taking up too much of my time, and thusly I have not been able to perform to the best of my abilities and with the need of the Kingdom at heart. The GLK has taken a far back burner in my life, and I feel that someone with the appropriate amount of time to be able to give the Kingdom should be in my place. Thus is why I am doing this with a heavy heart.
      There is no other reason as to why i am resigning my positions other than the ones I have listed. I have no hard feelings with any member of the PC, The MP, HIM or any other representatives. I am not giving up my citizenship, but merely my official capacities in the government itself. I feel I have not been serving the government and ultimately the citizens wholly and faithfully by my prolonged absences. Please forgive me for loosing site of your needs and the needs of our government. I will remain in the forums and as a citizen, with he hopes that once my health is finally back in order and my life is at a steady pace, to regain a position with the government that I feel strongly about.
      While we may doubt some of the efforts of our sovereign and the representatives, don't doubt the dream and goal of our cause. We have been fighting strong and will continue to fight for what we believe is necessary.. our recognition as human beings and equal to all people of the world.
      I thank you for allowing me to serve you for the time I have, and for understanding why I have to do this now. The people desire someone who has better health and control of their lives at the moment to lead the people, for I cannot commit the proper amount needed.
      G-d save HIM, The Parliament, and the Citizens of the Gay and Lesbian Kingdom of the Coral Sea Islands!
      Thank you once again,
      Jason P. Ruel, MP, Parliamentarian/Secretary Of Parliament
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