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2029is the GLK a absolute monarchy or is it a democracy?

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  • Donald Clark
    May 2, 2005
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      The following message was posted by Joe a member of the privy council back in March, note the highlighted in red portion where he says that the GLK is far from a democracy, then look further down the posting and see a email that Don recieved thismorining where the Lord Protector JonMatlick is talking about how the privy Concil should make it seem like the GLK is a demorcacy, Well Boys which is it? well We are waiting, and I amnot trying to cause problems, I really want toknow, this needs to be made clear to all of us.

      From: Fremont BridgeMan <wsbridgeman@...>
      Date: Mon Mar 14, 2005  7:31 pm
      Subject: Re: [gaykingdom] Re: can you help me?For a united GAY tribe  wsbridgeman

      It is already set up and it is in Birmingham Alabama.  That place was chosen because not a soul was willing to take on this project.  You are welcome to move to Alabama anytime you wish and your offer of volunteer service is appreciated and accepted.
      If you truly believe this is a, "scheme concocted by HIM Dale Anderson to milk people out of there hard earned money", than why are you here in the first place.
      The government of the GLK of the Coral Sea, as it was established is the way it is and that will not change.  Many people seem to have this idea that the GLK is a democracy.  Nothing is further from reality.  This is NOT a democracy.  This is not a Republic.  It is only because of the generosity of HIM Dale that this is a Constitutional Monarchy, and HIM Dale can change it to whatever he wishes at any time he wishes.  There is nothing in the founding documents of the GLK that state otherwise.  HIM Dale is the government and the rest of the "government", even though elected to serve in ther Assembly, are advisors.
      "Does the GLK tell its Citizens about its finances? After all how do we, Joe Citizen, know that the $50 dollars I sent was really for a citizenship certificate and what not. Actually went to that?"   Well my partner and I have our certificates so I guess I would have to say the money got me something.  As for the finances, I believe I heard there will be a financial statement published in the GLK Gayzette in March.

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      From: Jon Matlick [mailto:piperjon@...]
      Sent: Friday, April 29, 2005 12:54 PM
      To: William J. Freeman; Bill Freeman; Joe Grande
      Cc: Dale Parker Anderson
      Subject: Posts to the group

      Hey guys


      Based on past events, posts to the yahoo group by PC members and the reactions and the replies thereto I feel it would be prudent to adopt a policy for the PC similar to the one Dale uses and not get involved in the political discussions of the group. The Privy Council needs to portray accurately its role as advisors, not portray an image that is being perceived as policy makers. To that end I think it would be prudent to allow elected officials to reply to posts in the group, such as the sequence below. I understand the urge to offer an immediate reply, but it is reasonable for it to take 24 hours or so for a reply to be posted and that is sufficient time to allow the ELECTED OFFCIALS to reply. With replies from the ELECTED OFFICIALS people will get a better feeling that this is a democratic country and the perception of an absolute monarchy/dictortorship/totalitarian system will dissapate. Right or wrong, there are too many people who perceive the PC as the absolute power/policy makers of the Kingdom and this is not an image we want to portray.




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