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1877Re: [gaykingdom] Dear Citizens

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  • Drako Deo
    Apr 1, 2005
      Your Majesty,
      Remember those who count on You and take heart.  We believe it will all work out in the end. 
      Love and Faith
      Drako & Ramon

      Dale Parker Anderson <gaysovereign@...> wrote:

      Dear citizens,

      Our country has seen some rough seas this past week. Your loyalty
      and support have been the force that has and will continue to calm
      the waters. I want all of you to know how much your devotion to
      myself and the crown prince mean to both of us. It saddens me that
      we had to endure this challenge but in every storm there is a beacon
      of light. Our light is that we are coming out of this experience
      united in our mission and standing together as a people. I think it
      is much like what happened in the United States after 9/11. As
      tragic as that was it brought the American people together, united
      by patriotism. And so we also stand united. More committed than ever
      to make this dream a reality and with the knowledge that even those
      who would wish us harm  cannot stop us from doing what is right and
      long overdue.
      I also want to make it perfectly clear that we still have a
      functioning government. Enrique Pérez, Daniel Fowler, Jack Blue,
      Günter Knesebeck, Beatriz Mestre, Donald Clark and Karress Rhodes
      are still your elected representatives and are working hard on your
      behalf. These fine individuals have stood strong through the storm
      and continue to devote themselves to the task at hand. There will be
      an election in April to fill the seats vacated by Mr. Brooks  and
      Mr. Oriole. However legislative meetings will continue and your
      government will continue to move forward in the meantime.
      At this point in time I would also like to remind all of our
      citizens of a couple of facts. First is the fact that I never wanted
      a Kingdom. I was the only one of the original group to go out to
      Cato Island who voted for a republic. The first government however
      had great wisdom, as a crown allows for much needed continuity in
      situations just like the one we are going through today. Having been
      out-voted then I have always said and wish to clearly repeat now :
      Once we have gained our internationally recognized Independence by
      the ICJ/UN it is my desire that a referendum be presented to the
      people in which you will be able to decide to either keep the
      monarchy or change the form of our government to a republic.
      Second it is critical to remember that there are legal reasons we
      must remain a monarchy until that time. Australia is a kingdom. Its
      head of state is Queen Elizabeth II and Australia claims sovereignty
      over the Coral Sea Islands via its 1969 Coral Sea Islands Act. The
      Gay Kingdoms war of independence will not be a war fought on a
      battle field but a war fought in a court of law. We must therefore
      find loop holes in Australian law to help our cause so that
      Australian law works to our advantage. Under current Australian Law
      a republic could not be chosen as our form of government because had
      we done so we could have all been charged with treason. However by
      choosing a Kingdom as the form of government for the Coral Sea
      Islands under Australian law a crown offers the gay activists
      protection from the Australian Government. Because under British Law
      of which Australian Law is derived "a de facto Prince and his
      supporters cannot be charged with treason" and in fact this law goes
      on to state that "anyone hindering a de facto prince or his
      supporters from obtaining his crown can themselves be charged with
      treason". It is also important to remember that under the Australian
      Constitution, The Coral Sea Islands lie in international waters
      outside Australia's 200nm exclusive economic zone and are an
      overseas territory of Australia. That means the islands are a colony
      and therefore fall under the United Nations Charter of Governances
      and Self Determination of Territories and colonies of which
      Australia is a signatory. 
      Additionally, at this time I would like to remind the current and
      future legislators that I  ask the government to work on a simple
      principle and will judge its effectiveness on the principle
      of "those who can best work and agree." This principal requires the
      government is not to countenance infighting or backstabbing, or any
      behavior that would tarnish the Kingdom in any manner. I anticipate
      there will be disagreements, but  I ask consort and consideration
      among members of the government. I want everyone to work together,
      communicate and produce. My mission statement for the new government
      is that they re-assure the people that they will rule with
      the "Privy Council" this does not mean they will be ruled by them
      but that they will rule with them and take their advice, even when
      it is unpalatable.
      We have just begun on a long and arduous journey. There will be more
      storms along the way, have no doubt. I am confident that we will
      reach our destination. I am very proud that we, as one tribe, travel
      together in this journey toward our independence.
      God Bless
      Dale R

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