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1464News from Alabama

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  • Dallas Vinson
    Mar 9, 2005

      (Montgomery, Alabama) A proposed amendment to the Alabama constitution banning same-sex marriage and civil unions is likely to appear on the 2006 primary ballot.

      The House approved a Senate version of the bill on Tuesday adding the civil unions ban. It now goes back to the Senate for final ratification - likely to occur on Thursday.

      The House voted 85 - 7 on the measure with little debate.  The sponsor of the House version, Rep. Yusuf Salamm (D-Selma), said that no "civilized society" has every accepted same-sex marriage.

      "The Legislature has a right to promote the general welfare of this state and, to be quite frank, we should be leery of any social experiment that does not have any precedent whatsoever in human history," he said.  

      <Snip rest of story for space Get full article at www.365gay.com>

      So I guess according to Rep Salamm that all those country's in Europe where same sex marriage is perfectly legal are not civilized?  I think there is plenty of precedent not only in Europe, but even here in North Amarica that allowing same sex marriage does not bring society to a screaching halt.

      -Dallas Vinson
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