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  • Janelle
    Mar 9, 2005
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      >>The cost for citizenship should truly be
      nominal and for the actual cost of preparing and
      mailing the forms ONLY -- and not for general
      revenues for the Kingdom's operations.<<

      Even though I haven't done this, as I don't have $50. I think this price is nominal. It cost me more to get my US passport. And it costs thousands to become a citizen.
      As for what the money goes toward, I got the gay kingdom link from a woman who was considering buying it just to support the cause, meaning the Kingdom's operations.
      I suppse there could be tiers of donating; ie one level you get a pretty but at the moment useless passport, and then you could just have donations at any level, get $5 here and there. I thought of this from the solicitations I get in the mail from various groups.

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