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Peaches & Lakes 200K Permanent

On Sunday, June 7th at 7:00 A.M., I plan to do the Peaches and Lakes 200K permanent. Please join me! It starts in Thomaston. I understand from Daniel
May 28

Athens 200k, Sweet Onion 600k Results

Results have been submitted for last weekend's 200k and 600k. We had fantastic weather and a nice turnout. For the 200k, over half our riders stuck together
Kevin Kaiser
May 28

Thank You, Fellow Randonneurs!

You all already know what a terrific group of people this is, but I'd like to share a few recent examples. A couple of weeks ago, I did the Jimmy Carter 300K
May 27

Re: 71 Years of Riding

I love that man. Thank you for the video! On Friday, May 22, 2015 4:50 PM, "Robert Newcomer newcomerrc@... [garandon]"
Melanie Ashby
May 22

Re: 71 Years of Riding

In Terry's own words "Even though our marriage didn't survive, I didn't feel bad. I enjoyed the bike ride." Now that is a lesson. Sent from my iPhone
Robert Newcomer
May 22

Re: 71 Years of Riding

There's also a lesson in the video, don't ask your spouse to bike across America with you - it may lead to divorce! Besides that's what your rando friends are
David Bolocan
May 22

Re: 71 Years of Riding

Cool story David. Thanks for sharing.  Friends / colleagues are ask me when I will stop cycling, my response has been when I'm 80. Maybe I need to revisit
Brian Burke OD
May 22

Athens 200k and 600k

Our Athens brevets will both start tomorrow at 6am. Because of the early start, it would be important for 200k riders to be prepared with lights and
Kevin Kaiser
May 22

71 Years of Riding

This is a great biking video to watch when you have six minutes. It is about a 77 year old who bikes 25 miles or more a day and his love for bikes. It isn't
David Bolocan
May 22

PBP Info

RMCC: Paris-Brest-Paris ... Here is a link from JL Ellis for those randos that are planning on attending PBP.It is an interesting read for all. I particularly
Brian Burke
May 20

Tandem captains needed in Tn

Kevin, are you ready for another piloting adventure? A Kevin B : May 13 10:53AM -0700 We are in need of two tandem captains/pilots for
Andy Akard
May 14

Amicalola Foothills 200k Perm

All My schedule for May is not condusive for riding brevets on our designated weekends so I will be riding my (hilly) permanent this Saturday. I have included
Brian Burke
May 5

AAA 400k Brevet

The results were submitted a few days ago for the Athens-Augusta-Athens 400k. We had 6 starters and 6 finishers. I can't comment too much on the ride, but
Kevin Kaiser
May 4

Sweet Onion 600k pre ride

I am planning on a pre ride of the up coming 600k on May 14/15. If anyone is interested in riding with me let me know. Jim Shanni
Apr 29

Re: Fw: [US-723] Preregistration to Paris-Brest-Paris 2015

Thank you for the education. PBP is on my radar screen for 2019; it's good to know that a 1000K ahead of time allows for pre-registration. Betty Jean Sent from
Betty Jean Jordan
Apr 27
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