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FDR 200k Results

Results have now been submitted for our FDR Little White House 200k Brevet. We had 12 starters and 12 finishers. Overall, I think it was a fantastic day for
Kevin Kaiser
Nov 22

LWH 200k Brevet

Saturday will be the FDR Little White House 200k brevet. I uploaded a new cue sheet yesterday morning to the Audax Atlanta site with information from Ian's
Kevin Kaiser
Nov 17

A Plea.....

Fellow Randonneurs/Randonneuses, In anticipation of recruiting some new randonneurs to our events, I've started a public Facebook page for Audax Atlanta here.
Joshua Ibbs
Nov 10

Promised Land 200k

Our Promised Land 200k will be this Saturday. Lights and reflective gear are not required for this ride, but I would highly recommend them for a few reasons.
Kevin Kaiser
Nov 4

Fw: SR 600k Comparisons

I promised a summary of my two SR600k to a few interested parties that I completed this year. Here it is for the rest of you if have a few minutes.... July
Brian Burke
Oct 21
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Bundrick's Revenge

Our annual 10-gap ride starts tomorrow, so I'll be heading to the area some time tonight. Weather forecast calls for a 60% chance of rain, making safety a top
Kevin Kaiser
Oct 9

Fall Colors 200K Brevet

All: We have our annual Fall Colors 200K Brevet scheduled for Saturday, October 24th starting at 7:00 AM EST.  You can download an overview map, cue sheet,
Jeff Sammons
Oct 6

West Side Ramble

Fellow Randonneurs and Randonneuses, Wayne King and I are planning on doing his West Side Ramble 200K (or, depending on how we feel, shortening it to his 112K
Joshua Ibbs
Sep 24

Missing Cyclist

Since this could be anyone of us, I thought it best to share, especially those of you in the Raleigh, NC area.He has been missing for nearly a week. Man biking
Brian Burke
Sep 23

Re: Virginia SR600K

dammmm  B. you still haven't had enough. I would love to but too short notice for me. need to get back on my training plan to do that much climbing.  stay in
Normal Dewd
Sep 16

Virginia SR600K

I will be attempting a SR600k (mountainous) in Virginia on the weekend of 10/9-10/11.I am wanting to know if anyone has an interest in riding this route. There
Brian Burke
Sep 16

Bens Cycles

Fellow Randonneurs, I've been pricing some custom wheels for my bicycle and I've found a great deal this weekend at Ben's Cycles. Ben's has a decent stock of
Joshua Ibbs
Sep 5

Fw: [Board] Volunteer Coordinator: Please Distribute

On Thursday, September 3, 2015 4:22 PM, Chris Appleton wrote: Sopo Bicycle CooperativeVolunteer Coordinator Employment Status: Part time
Normal Dewd
Sep 3
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Wilson 100

I am organizing volunteers for 4 of the 5 rest stops for this cycling event. The ride is on Saturday, September 12. I am recruiting volunteers to staff stops
Aug 31

September 12th Acworth 200k Brevet

All, A scheduling difficulty has caused me to cancel the Acworth brevet that I had planned to host in 2 weeks. I apologize to all who planned to ride for the
Kevin Kaiser
Aug 30
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