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Barack Obama – The Nation’s First Tea Party President

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    Barack Obama – The Nation s First Tea Party President 7-14-11 New Economic Perspectives by Marshall Auerback
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 19, 2011
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      Barack Obama – The Nation's First Tea Party President
      7-14-11 New Economic Perspectives by Marshall Auerback

      For all its talk of the importance of averting a debt default, Barack Obama.is increasingly signaling that major deficit reduction has become more than just a bargaining chip to bring Republicans aboard a debt deal. He actually believes that cutting entitlements and reducing the deficit are laudable goals, which would mark "transformational" moments in his President. Let's face it: the man is not a progressive in any sense of the word; he's a Tea Party President through and through.
      Marshall Auerback is a portfolio strategist and hedge fund manager.
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