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Fw: BOOST into HES traffic, past and present (fwd)

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  • Arno Mong Daastoel
    Note below, Says Law ! ... From: Paul Wendt To: Behind the Blind: ; Sent: Tuesday, May 30, 2000 8:04 PM Subject: BOOST into HES traffic, past and present (fwd)
    Message 1 of 1 , May 30, 2000
      Note below, Says Law !
      ----- Original Message -----
      Sent: Tuesday, May 30, 2000 8:04 PM
      Subject: BOOST into HES traffic, past and present (fwd)

      [To HES subscribers new in April-May 2000:
      We have recovered from installation of a new webserver and mailserver.
      I apologize for any duplication of these welcome messages, which I
      normally send promptly.  --Paul]

                                                          updated 2000-05-30

      New HES subscribers,

      This "Boost" will introduce you to the web archive of our email traffic.

      The list was active in April, with discussion of the orgins of "economist"
      and "Say's Law", and then at the turn of April-May, after the 2000-04-28
      distribution of   
      HES: QUERY -- Dickens and Carlyle
      by Carlos Rodriguez Braun in Spain, which stimulated a flurry on Dickens,
      Carlyle, classical political economy, and slavery.

      Discussion is now quiet but there is the usual trickle of other traffic. 
      2000-05-26, we distributed the Eh.Net review
      HES: RVW -- Boyer on Lees, _The Solidarities of Strangers_
      of a book on the English Poor Laws.  2000-05-27, we distributed
      HES: ANN -- Japan Soc. for the History of American Econ Th.
      announcing that society's annual conference. 

      These three messages represent some types that you will see again and
      again in HES traffic, distinguished by the editorial prefixes (not all
      exemplified here):
         ANN (announcement)
         CFP (call for papers)
         DISC (discussion)
         QUERY (with replies sometimes constituting DISC)
         RVW (book review)
      Editor Ross Emmett adds one of these and other standard prefixes to
      the subjectline of each message before approving it for distribution.


      Our web archive is a complete record of HES Email List traffic, which now
      covers five years.  There you can read it all; the Year 2000 traffic
      described above is only an illustration.

      Visit our website:

              http://www.eh.net/HisEcSoc              (Ohio USA)
        or    http://www2.eh.net/ehnet/HisEcSoc       (Spain)
        or    http://www3.eh.net/ehnet/HisEcSoc       (Japan)

      and select "`HES' Email List Archives"; then "May" (or another month)
      and "2000" (or another year);  then "GO".  Last, I recommend that you
      select "subject" for the most usefully arranged index of the monthly
      archive you have selected.

      The web archives date from the beginning of the list in February 1995.


      You can also read any one of our Guest Editorials, together with our
      followup discussion, in a user-friendly format at:


      The Editorials by E.Roy Weintraub (1996-09) and Jim Henderson (1996-11)
      were especially interesting and controversial, concerning what the
      history of economics is and what it should be.


      Paul Wendt, Watertown MA
      Asst.editor, HES e-info services (history of economics)
              http://www.eh.net/HisEcSoc (select the text!)

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