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Re: [gwmg] - The Crumbling Chaos of Abandoned Amusement Parks

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  • Les Braun
    Chris,   You always come up with such terrific hooks. I really enjoy the directions you take; and all from a single common point. :)   Now if we could just
    Message 1 of 5 , Jun 24, 2013
      You always come up with such terrific hooks. I really enjoy the directions you take; and all from a single 'common' point. :)
      Now if we could just get you hired at Wizards of the Coast to oversee (or seed) GW adventure module production....

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      Subject: Re: [gwmg] - The Crumbling Chaos of Abandoned Amusement Parks
      --- On Fri, 6/21/13, Thomas O. Magann Jr. <tmagann@...> wrote:
      "Although I dont' think Zoos would ahve the same draw for mutant animals. I don't see cages as sparking nostalgia or filling a major need."
      Perhaps, but if those cages were filled with humans... oh what fun!!
      Speaking of fun, since it has been almost an entire week since Free RPG Day (and I didn't get any free GW material), I thought it might be fun to provide a few ideas on how this concept might be expanded for the GW setting.
      First, imagine a whole row of Animal-Crackers-Box looking, human-filled wagons, travelling from one watering hole to the next, with mutant animals charging admission to show them while travelling on the way for their "final placement" at the Animal City Zoo. 
      "Gather round, gather round, see the one, the only.... man-thing.  this strange creature is an abhorrent throwback to an ancient world, a fearsome killer of animals, and eater of flesh. Beware... it is dangerous... and tricky! One of them blasted a hole in Fundarrak here, and throttled 3 young monkeys with a piece of string, before we could stop it...
      "Hurry up folks. For just 2 Domars, you can step right up and gaze upon its hideous, visage.  And if you're hungry, why not buy a fresh man-cicle -- only 3 for 2 Domars!"
      It's an interesting -- if somewhat familiar -- concept, but it could be twisted into something humorous, terrifying or tragic with a little thought. 
      Interested in how could you use this concept in your own GW campaign? Consider these...
      Adventure Hooks:
      Hook 1. You are a member of the holy alliance of humanity and protectors of the genome, known as the Knights of Genetic Purity.  Recently a humanoid band raided a KGP village, massacred its leading families, murdered 3 knights and sold the surviving villagers to a band of mutant humanoid animals... but such is the way of mutants. Now, it is up to you to find out what happened to the human captives and destroy the beasts that have "purchased" them... hopefully before they are all eaten.
      Hook 2. While negotiating a peace treaty with a hostile tribe near your home base, you are suddenly seized. On asking one of the tribesmen which you have been working with, you have learned that the son of the tribes chief was captured while out on a hunting expedition and you are under suspicion of being involved. According to one of the more influential tribesmen (who has already stated that he is in favor of establishing a trade deal with your home tribe/town/base or community), it is in your best interest to offer to rescue the chief's son. The only problem is that the chief's son is being transported to The City of the Animals on a heavily armed caravan, in order to be put on display and then ritually strangled during a festival there. But due to the rumors that many of the tribe believe the son's capture was meant to be an omen about the peace treaty, one (or more) of your group must remain behind as a hostage. And if the son dies, the hostages will be sacrificed, and the tribe will raze your homeland (town/base/community) on its march to war with the animals...
      Hook 3. You have been recruited by the Brotherhood of Thought to locate and parley with a band of mutant animals that are rumored to have begun collecting humans (for some unknown reason). Such an act is a thing of barbarism, and unworthy of free-thinking animals. Your mission is to find out what they are doing and why, and who put them up to it; then, try to put a stop to this behavior, try to teach these animals the values of the Brotherhood, and help them to aspire to a greater purpose.
      Hook 4. You are an agent (or have been hired/tasked/blackmailed or sponsored by an agent) of the Restorationists to find a young human science expert who was recently captured while on an expedition to collect some valuable data from a computer lost within the depths of a tomb of the ancients.  Mission Objective 1 - You are to locate his whereabouts and bring him back alive, so that this information does not fall in the wrong hands. Mission Objective 2 - Should you learn that he has divulged this information, you are to eliminate all who have learned of it, and bring back this scientist's remains...
      Hook 5. You have been sent to retrieve an important artifact from an isolated village several hundred miles from your base. On arrival, you have discovered that the village has been destroyed, and that your contact has been taken captive by a Zoopremisist scavenging party...
      Hook 6. While staying in a local village to recover from his wounds, one of your companions was taken captive by a troop of Bonapartist soldiers that are collecting humans to display at their "Benevolent" Leader's birthday party...
      Hook 7. A group of animals have become "Followers of the Voice" of an ancient Zoo Events Planner that has been instructing them to bring humans to the local zoo. Unfortunately, the only thing crazier than the insane Events Planner MBC, is the mystic religious leader instructing the animals on how to bring the humans to the zoo.  As for what this animal intends on doing with the people...
      Well, there you go. Whether used as a mini-adventure or adventure scenario, or the trigger to start a new campaign, there are many things you could do with any of these hooks.
      Good luck in using these (or any other ideas they might inspire) in you campaign.
      Christ H.
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