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Re: First Edition, Ultimate Weapons. (Hehe!)

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  • Calel
    Dear Listees, ... None needed dude, I was *kidding*... [massive teleport weapon snippage] ... something more low tech , in terms of ... disruptors or smart
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 1, 2002
      Dear Listees,
      --- In gammaworld@y..., Stephen Patterson <stevep@v...> wrote:
      > Clarification rebuttle:

      None needed dude, I was *kidding*...

      [massive teleport weapon snippage]

      > >
      > > ...By..? What?? Forcefields..?
      > Hm. Uh, no. I didn't finish the sentence. I was thinking of
      something more "low tech", in terms of
      > pre-Shadow Age technology; like anti-missile batteries (either
      disruptors or "smart" anti-missile missiles).

      Ahh, as a sort of active defense against theives and vandals,

      > A Force Field (in retrospect) seems to be quite reasonable, however,
      given that a Portent generates a weak
      > Force Field (5 points), and were presumably un-licensed technology
      available even for civilians or
      > non-military applications of the technology.

      Uhhmmm, what's a "Portent"? Otherwise, yes, a "weak" forcefield -
      just enough to preserve the item against weathering, that's what I was
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