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Job openings in Germany: Lead Game Designer - Casual Games

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  • Martina Putzki
    Lead Game Designer – Casual Games phenomedia publishing gmbh, Bochum, Germany Experienced Lead Designer sought to create games and drive development in
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 4, 2006
      Lead Game Designer – Casual Games

      phenomedia publishing gmbh, Bochum, Germany

      Experienced Lead Designer sought to create games and drive development in
      diverse genres across a variety of platforms (including PC, next-gen
      consoles and PS2).
      Candidates will have an indie gamer spirit and the understanding that making
      a simple game can be harder but more rewarding than a complex one.

      The Lead Designer is a phenomedia casual game’s ultimate authority,
      responsible for initial vision, creation and documentation of the game and
      for tending it through the production process from start to finish, ensuring
      a final product that meets or exceeds the initial idea.

      3+ years game industry experience in a similar position

      Duties & Responsibilities

      • Creates and maintains thorough documentation utilizing appropriate
      software and tools (e.g. Word, Excel, Visio and PowerPoint)
      • Produces documentation for both internal and external consumption
      • Determines and delineates gameplay, controls, user interfaces, storyline,
      characters and all other aspects of game in clear concise form to be
      implemented by other departments
      • Act as project lynchpin, communicating vision and goals to other
      departments and to others both in and out of the studio
      • Creates and designs innovative gameplay systems appropriate to target
      platforms and demographics
      • Produces documents for individual levels and implements these, using
      applicable construction systems (e.g. scripting and world-building tools)
      • Accepts direction and provides both direction and mentorship to
      • Ensures quality final product through testing, debugging and tweaking
      cycles utilizing bug database and other feedback report systems
      • Produces research reports and detailed analyses of competitive products


      • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English and/or German
      • Highly creative, highly motivated, self-disciplined with strong analytical
      problem-solving skills
      • Equally at home being part of a team as leading one
      • Knowledgeable and experienced in all areas of game production process from
      concept to shipping
      • Fanatical about games, with a strong sense of what makes for successful
      game design
      • Able to chart a clear course of action but flexible enough to deal with
      rapidly changing situations and coming up with creative resolutions
      • Able to multitask and prioritize tasks for self and others
      • Experienced in varieties of games and genres on multiple platforms (inc.
      consoles and handhelds)
      • Able to quickly learn new tools and techniques and to be able communicate
      them to others
      • Experienced in level design with layout and scripting/programming

      • Competitive salary, commensurate with experience + Bonuses upon achieving
      • Re-location premium and assistance if you apply from outside Germany

      All work will be completed on site at phenomedia. This is a full time
      position, not freelance or part time.
      For consideration, please email your resume to our Chief Executive Producer:
      michael.bhatty@... <mailto:michael.bhatty@...> (“JOBS
      // Lead Game Designer” in the subject line).

      phenomedia publishing gmbh is one of Europe’s market leaders in the casual
      game field. As a publisher and developer we consistently support the
      convergence of all games platforms, i.e. PC, consoles, Internet, TV and
      Our character-based casual games are of high quality, competitive, and
      extremely entertaining. phenomedia offers a motivating environment with a
      high degree of fun and identification.

      www.phenomedia.com <http://www.phenomedia.com/>

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