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Re: [gamedesign-l] Diablo II Act I

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  • Hansj√∂rg Malthaner
    ... [...] ... He s important for parties of human players in multiplayer. Not so much in case of hirelings. In plain DII the hirelings just die frequently.
    Message 1 of 6 , Jul 1 3:26 AM
      "Brandon J. Van Every" wrote:
      > > > I stopped picking up health
      > > > and mana potions because I never needed them, all my fights were
      > > > ridiculously easy.
      > >
      > > That will change soon.
      > Actually it did change when I got to the Monastery. Those minotaurs
      > were kicking my ass! I died once and it took me a long time to get back
      > and find my corpse. I started picking up every single health potion I
      > could get my hands on. Still no use for mana though.
      > > It seems you're playing a barbarian.
      > Actually no, a Paladin.


      > Actually I chose it because the character description said it was
      > supposed to be an excellent party leader. Seems reasonable as he's got
      > lotsa spells that do things for the entire party. But, I got 2 hired
      > rogues killed in the Monastery so after that I figured I should just
      > spare their lives and clean it out solo.

      He's important for parties of human players in multiplayer. Not so much in
      case of hirelings. In plain DII the hirelings just die frequently. Only in
      DII LOD you have a serious chance to level your hireling, and revive him
      when he died.

      > Anyways, I do *not* feel guilty for using my "split levels" tactic in
      > Diablo 2. My whole strategy is to cut through the tedium of the game
      > and get to the point, using the least amount of effort possible. If
      > that means I've finished the game 3 days from now, great!

      I think you thoroughly ruined your abilities to enjoy games. But then,
      you're a professional game developer, so I guess your not playing games but
      rather testing them.

      Anyways, I don't think this way you'll get a good feel if a game is fun for
      the ordinary player or not.

      > And there's
      > nothing that says the level designer couldn't have locked me in with the
      > Big Boss.

      The boss monster of Act II resides in a locked cave, but you can use town
      portal anytimes.

      In Act V (part of DII LOD only) there is a boss monster group that is
      restored to full health every time the player back out but any means. You
      need to fight them in one go.

      > > BTW, usually the poeple play through the acts several times -
      > > you start on
      > > 'normal' go through the acts, kill Diablo, and then you're
      > > allowed to play nightmare difficulty.
      > That's interesting. I kept looking for a Difficulty option and couldn't
      > find one. I definitely thought most of Act I was too easy, but that's
      > certainly preferrable to it being too hard! It would also make a "real"
      > fight more enjoyable when it actually happened.

      Some people said the step from normal to nightmare is too big. I've read
      suggestions levelling a while in Act IV/normal until you go to Act

      I've always played DII LOD which has five acts, so the gap is smaller there,
      and I can't tell how hard it is in plain DII.

      > > Not much thinking required, still there is some thrill, I
      > > play quick and if
      > > I make a mistake I'm dead. I think it's a relaxing game.
      > Yeah, it's relaxing if you avoid thinking about maps, muleing, and
      > minimaxing stats. I like dodging the missiles and closing for the big
      > whack on the skull. I liked that in Archon II also, using the Behemoth.

      It's been so long that I played Archon II :)
      IMO one of the best games I ever played, but maybe that's just me.

      > > > I think I
      > > > could make a better game that was focused on that and that
      > > > alone. It
      > > > would be a bit nihilistic, you'd just kill bigger and
      > > > badder things, not
      > > > getting any money or points for it. The rewards would be
      > > > the ways you
      > > > kill, the spectacularity of the kill, and getting to see
      > > > the next thing
      > > > you're gonna kill.
      > >
      > > Many people think this way. Some started to do :)
      > Who did? What titles?

      I'm afraid I misread the section a bit. You asked for more spectacularity,
      while I just read "make a better game" and thought about adding features and
      depth. Sorry.

      > Cheers, www.3DProgrammer.com
      > Brandon Van Every Seattle, WA

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