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  • Brandon Van Every
    Ok, we ve got 8 people so far by invitation. That s enough to get started with. My plan is to get all the administrativa debugged with the initial invite
    Message 1 of 1 , May 24, 2000
      Ok, we've got 8 people so far by invitation. That's enough to get started with.
      My plan is to get all the administrativa debugged with the initial "invite"
      crowd, which numbered around 20..30 people or so. After that I'll post an
      announcement to the indie game development list and see what more we can come up
      with. Once all that is baked and working pretty smoothly, I'll announce the
      list in c.g.d.design. I figure we may have some bloopers as things start up so
      I'd just like to give it all some beta testing with people I know will be
      reasonable to each other. There's nothing secret in all of this, feel free to
      tell other people about the list in whatever forums you participate, I'm just
      going to do the "official" announcements in that order.

      Most of us know each other already so if anyone wants to start off with a game
      design topic, feel free?

      Or if you have meta-concerns about how the list will be run, feel free. I've
      already talked to Geoff about a number of things, and the current "Welcome"
      message reflects my current thinking. One point: this is to be a strictly
      moderated-beforehand list, not a retroactively moderated list. The primary
      purpose is to make sure that uncivil or inflammatory posts are almost never seen
      (I'm human so I'm sure something will happen someday.) That's my definition of
      what it would be like to be in a "pleasant" forum, so that's the design decision
      we're going to go with. The secondary purpose is to keep the volume of the
      forum down to a reasonable level. I must admit, I can't always keep up with the
      volume on indie-gamedev list and for me that interferes with both the utility of
      it and my enjoyment of it. I think the delays in post approvals will keep the
      volume down to a workable level... something that doesn't scare off the quieter
      voices among us. Finally, we have a lot of unmoderated or loosely controlled
      "fast-twitch" forums for game development. In the interest of diversity, I feel
      we need a "slower-twitch" forum. Hence the expected volume of posts is by
      design decision, it's what we'll be trying out here.

      And I hope it's all successful! :-) I look forward to your posts.

      Brandon Van Every
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