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Game Chef 2010 Winners!

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  • Jonathan Walton
    Hey Folks, The Game Chef 2010 playoffs wrapped up this past week. I gave it a few more days to make sure the final sessions of play were reported, but we can
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 19, 2010
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      Hey Folks,

      The Game Chef 2010 playoffs wrapped up this past week. I gave it a
      few more days to make sure the final sessions of play were reported,
      but we can probably call the results at this point. Ten different
      games were played during the past month, with the following grand
      total of 28 sessions:

      7 sessions -- "Never to Die" by James Mullen
      5 sessions -- "Action City!" by Mike Olsen
      4 sessions -- "Chronicles of Skin" by Sebastian Hickey
      3 sessions -- "Long Shot" by Nick Wendig
      3 sessions -- "Deserting Paradise" by Joe Mcdaldno
      2 sessions -- "Walkabout" by Michael Wenman
      1 session -- "Pub Crawl" by Samuel Briggson
      1 session -- "Cosmic Journey" by Krista White
      1 session -- "Edge City" by Tomas Mørkrid
      1 session -- "Going Home" by Mikael Andersson

      Links to all these games and additional play materials can be found on
      the Game Chef website:


      Finally we can announce that NEVER TO DIE by JAMES MULLEN is the 2010
      Game Chef winner. Congratulations, James!
      -- "A bunch of lads have a night out in the City, but a tragedy will
      ensure that this is their last night out ever as lads."

      The second and third place winners are "Action City!" by Mike Olsen
      and "Chronicles of Skin" by Sebastian Hickey, respectively. Well done!
      -- Action City!: "A game of quip-spewing heroes, ruthless villains,
      and the people caught in between them. And the ’80s. And explosions.
      Mostly it’s about explosions."
      -- Chronicles of Skin: "A pictographic story of people at war."

      The tie for fourth and fifth place and, therefore, a special
      commendation, belongs to "Long Shot" by Nick Wendig and "Deserting
      Paradise" by Joe Mcdaldno.
      -- Long Shot: "You are a living on humanity’s first interstellar
      colony. You have just learned that no more supply ships are coming
      from Earth. How will you survive now?"
      -- Deserting Paradise: "You stole immortality. The Man wants it back.
      The City is alive and under his spell. Deserting Paradise: a post-punk
      voodoo escape drama."

      I am very proud of all five of these games, as well as the 5 other
      playoff participants, all the other finalists, and this year's games
      in general.

      With that, Game Chef 2010 IS A WRAP! Thanks to everybody who was
      involved and I can't wait until I get a chance to try some of these
      out at the table. Plans are already afoot for next year's
      competition, which may be the last one in which I serve as Master
      Chef, but I plan on leaving the competition in good hands, as it was
      bequeathed to me by Mike and Andy.

      Our Forge-based forum has already been closed, due to some
      restructuring there, but if you would like to congratulate the winners
      or discuss this year's competition, I started a thread on Story Games
      for that purpose:

      See you next year!
      Master Chef Jonathan
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