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    Jason Arnopp - writer of one or two Friday 13th novels. Enough said! Leigh L. Sent by: gamebooks@yahoogroups.com 01/07/2008 09:54 PM
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      Jason Arnopp - writer of one or two Friday 13th novels. Enough said!

      "Leigh L." <leighlo@...>
      Sent by: gamebooks@yahoogroups.com
      01/07/2008 09:54 PM
      Please respond to


      [gamebooks] Re: New Interactive Thingy

      > While flicking through the current issue of Doctor Who Magazine
      > (397) in WHSmiths I discovered that it contains a behind-the-scenes
      > feature on a recent episode in the format of an interactive
      > adventure. May be of interest to some here.

      It's actually pretty well done, too - certainly better than I'd
      expected. Not familiar with the author (Jason Arnopp) but he seems to
      be comfortable enough with the setup. I did find a post on his blog
      about it here...


      The feature is based on the episode Turn Left, which, for those not
      versed in contemporary Who, revolves around the creation of a
      parallel universe based on a single small but ultimately devastating
      decision made by the Doctor's companion before she meets him (which
      determines whether or not she DOES meet him). Hence the tenuous
      justification for the 'you decide' format.

      It's basically just a location/set report with the usual handful of
      quotes and anecdotes chucked in, but livened up by the addition of
      collectible Journo Points (tallied and rated at the end) and the fact
      that most of the decisions require a bit of consideration and common
      sense to proceed. Already a cut above Ian Livingstone, then. Very
      basic knowledge of the TV location shooting process also appears to
      be helpful, but probably no more than could be acquired from scanning
      through these features in previous issues.

      All round, 50 paragraphs of surprisingly decent quality despite its
      throwaway nature. Maybe they're trying to groom their readers onto
      the DW Decide Your Destiny books, which seem to be up to about a
      dozen now despite being slightly wank.

      - Leigh


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