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Re: Reaktor monster voice patch

Yeah. its cool:) Its just a bummer that it isnt an rtas/aax/vst plugin but other than that its really nice:) 2015-07-13 11:04 GMT+02:00 mcolllings@...
troels jørgensen
Jul 13

Creating Monster/Creature Sounds in Real-time

Hi Everyone I thought I'd just drop in and recommend Dehumaniser as a great tool for monster/creature sound design. Check out the tutorial below Dehumaniser
Jul 13

Re: Reaktor monster voice patch

Have you tried Dehumaniser to make monster sounds (it is real-time also)? Dehumaniser Dinosaur/Jurassic Tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vsLj3jE2BRg
Jul 13

Develop Conference Audio Track next Thursday - Brighton, UK

Hi everyone, Final call for the annual Develop Conference Audio Track which takes place In Brighton, UK for one day only - next Thursday. I'll keep this short
John Broomhall
Jul 9

Re[2]: [gameaudiopro] Amazon Sound Design Opportunity

What do you mean? -- ... What do you mean? -- Sent from myMail app for Android Τετάρτη, 10 Ιουνίου 2015, 07:35μ.μ. +03:00 from "Fernando
George Karagioules
Jun 10
Fernando Labarthe
Jun 10

Re: Amazon Sound Design Opportunity

replay all fail haha - FL On Wed, Jun 10, 2015 at 5:09 AM, George Karagioules georgekaragioules@... [gameaudiopro] ... --
Fernando Labarthe
Jun 10

Re: Amazon Sound Design Opportunity

Hi! I am not a senior but i have worked in couple of projects and got a good portfolio and CV. I would be interested to make a few samples for you as a test.
George Karagioules
Jun 10

Amazon Sound Design Opportunity

Hello all, I’m looking for a Senior Sound Designer to join my team at Amazon. Echo, Fire TV, and Kindles were just the start. If you are interested in
Jun 9

Develop Conference 10th Anniversary Audio Track

Hey everyone, Just to let you know the early bird rate for the Develop Conference Audio Track ends on the 3rd June so if you're thinking of coming you can
John Broomhall
May 30

Re: Brighten the Corners of Game Audio

I would definitely recommend people head to the site and read the discussion there.. I will, though quote a reply from Dren McDonald, specifically regarding
    B Schmidt
    May 18
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    Re: Brighten the Corners of Game Audio

    ôI donÆt care if you are a student or a professional, $100 USD a year is a lot of money for access to the crumbling remains of a long dead and abandoned
    Adam Smith-Kipnis
    May 18

    Brighten the Corners of Game Audio

    If you have a chance, it would be great to get your perspective on an article I've recently published about our game audio organizations and some feelings that
    May 18

    Obsidian Entertainment - Technical Sound Designer, Contract

    Hello, Obsidian Entertainment is looking for a short term Technical Sound Design contractor. Must have CryENGINE & FMOD Designer experience. Contact off list
    May 11

    Take off/landing patch

    First of all, see the demo video. At about 00:30 you can hear it in action and while it is very simple, it actually works pretty well:
    May 5
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