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Re: Brighten the Corners of Game Audio

I would definitely recommend people head to the site and read the discussion there.. I will, though quote a reply from Dren McDonald, specifically regarding
    B Schmidt
    May 18
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    Re: Brighten the Corners of Game Audio

    ôI donÆt care if you are a student or a professional, $100 USD a year is a lot of money for access to the crumbling remains of a long dead and abandoned
    Adam Smith-Kipnis
    May 18

    Brighten the Corners of Game Audio

    If you have a chance, it would be great to get your perspective on an article I've recently published about our game audio organizations and some feelings that
    May 18

    Obsidian Entertainment - Technical Sound Designer, Contract

    Hello, Obsidian Entertainment is looking for a short term Technical Sound Design contractor. Must have CryENGINE & FMOD Designer experience. Contact off list
    May 11

    Take off/landing patch

    First of all, see the demo video. At about 00:30 you can hear it in action and while it is very simple, it actually works pretty well:
    May 5

    Re: ALTO: game audio localization software

    Hi Jory, Sorry for the super late answer.Yes, we are planning a Mac version but I don't have a release date now.We also have customers using it without
    Nicolas Fournel
    May 5

    Re: ALTO: game audio localization software

    Will there be a Mac version? Jory me@... http://studio.jory.org
    Mar 22

    ALTO: game audio localization software

    Hi everybody, I hope this announcement is ok here, I think it may be of interest to some of you. Our company just released a new audio localization tool,
    Nicolas Fournel
    Mar 21

    Reaktor monster voice patch

    Hi. I made this weird pitch shifter, different pitch shifting techniques. It literraly saves me hours of work whenever i have to do some huge monsters, orcs
    Mar 20

    sound design forum

    Hello everyone. I started a new sound design forum. Head over to wedosounddesign.com http://wedosounddesign.com I hope to make it a cool place to hang out and
    Mar 16

    New mastering service

    Hi all I'm setting up a music mastering company as something to do on the side and now looking for some tracks to master and use as demo's. I will provide a
    Allister Brimble
    Feb 19

    Reaper script dev - Recorder Example Files needed

    Hi ladies and gents Reaper 5 is heavily in development, and it has added significant scripting ability to its arsenal. Anyone can jump in and test the current
    Anthony Oetzmann
    Feb 15

    For Sale - Kyma Paca MINT

    Selling my Kyma Paca. $2600 USD, shipped (up to $50). It's in mint mechanical and cosmetic condition for. Shipping cost included in the price. PayPal only
    Justin Bell
    Dec 31, 2014

    REGISTRATION OPEN: AES 56th Audio for Games Conference London Februa

    Audio for Games is delighted to announce registration details for the AES56th Audio for Games conference February 11th-13th 2015. This intensive 3 day
    Dec 23, 2014

    GANG Award Nominations Open: New Categories!

    Hi ,Game Audio Pro! GANG nominations are open. Remember, anyone can nominate anything (you don't have to be a member to nominate something, nor does the
    B Schmidt
    Dec 20, 2014
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