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2005 Fete (Gabon RPCV Annual Reunion)

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  • bobutne
    From: Bob Nikola To: All RPCV s that attended the 2004 fete and to those who did not. First, my hat off to Mike and Rebecca Crane for hosting the Fete in
    Message 1 of 16 , Sep 1, 2004
      From: Bob Nikola
      To: All RPCV's that attended the 2004 fete and to those who did not.

      First, my hat off to Mike and Rebecca Crane for hosting the Fete in
      Burlington Vermont. It's nice to see that we have graduated to yet
      another level of Fete-Dom!

      Having hosted the 1988 Fete at our home in Point Pleasant NJ., Mary
      and I realize what tremendous planning is involved to make it all
      happen and applaud your toil. You two did a great job and all the
      little extras were a really a nice touch, which made it a great
      Fete! Mary, Jimmy and I thank you very much for all the time and
      work you gave which paid off because we were relaxed and happy!

      As we are all (unfortunately) getting a little older we are sure you
      know that planning must be done way in advance to ensure securing a
      good site for upcoming Fete's. Mary and I have already visited a
      potential site for the 2005 Fete. The site that we chose is Murray
      Grove, Lanoka Harbor, NJ (found on the web). The tentative date is
      August 19-21, 2005 Friday afternoon through Sunday morning. The site
      and has everything we need and then some, clean beds, many bathrooms,
      large swimming pool, activity fields, playground equipment for the
      kiddies, picnic area for a great BBQ and more! We also did some
      cursory calculations regarding the anticipated costs which we will
      share with you.

      The first 50 Fete-er's (that's the max the site can sleep) can be
      accommodated (with a bed) at the site proper; other Fete-er's in
      excess of the first 50 will have the option of very nearby tent
      camping and motels. First come first serve!

      The cost ( if a minimum of 50 adults is not met additional costs will
      incur) for 3 days, 2 nights, food, drink, a T-shirt and a lot of fun
      is: First 50 Fete-er's, adults—(children will have to sleep somewhere
      in their parents room) $100.per adult. Children under 18 free--this
      includes full use of the facility, a bed (2 nights with clean linen),
      food (5 meals), drinks (until you float) and an official 2005 Fete T-
      shirt. (not bad!) The cost for Fete-er's who delay or choose not
      stay at the site is $50. total (pretty cheap) this includes—
      everything as above, except the bed? (you must make other sleeping
      accommodations). Because of the site insurance guidelines tents are
      not permitted on the site.

      We fully understand that if you travel far for only a 3 day vacation
      really doesn't cut it, so Mary, Jimmy and I always try to incorporate
      the Fete into a longer vacation, just a thought. Atlantic City,
      Wildwood, Ocean City and a lot of other Jersey Shore destinations are
      pretty popular. Jersey airports are Newark and Atlantic City.

      As Mike and Rebecca can attest to, this is a ton of work, and
      regardless of what Mary said, WE are willing to do it. However we
      need to get a sense of your interest, so talk it over with your loved
      ones and if this works, let us know SOON, they are already booking
      for 2005!

      We hope everyone who attended the 2004 Fete had a safe and happy trip

      Peace and Love

      Bob, Mary and Jimmy Nikola--- nikboat@...

      Home phone 732-892-0402
    • bobutne
      Message 2 of 16 , Sep 3, 2004
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