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re: "Bongo on Terrorism"

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  • dupont6
    Hello: I think that stability in any country in Africa depends more on just military troops and Presidential guards. Of course all leaders of states have
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 18, 2003
      I think that stability in any country in Africa depends more on just
      military troops and Presidential guards. Of course all leaders of
      states have serious amounts of protection, but does that "keep" them
      in power? I am more interested in what Bongo has to say about the
      political challenges Africans have to face. I think that it is
      important to focus now on economic development and aid for African
      countries. I like what Bongo has to say about how the marketing of
      resources coming out of most African states are not controlled by the
      states themselves but by external entities.
      For example, it is important to develop the infrastructure where oil
      producing states are actually refining the oil that is produced. Or
      where companies marketing the by-products of resources like timber,
      gold and diamonds are actually based and run by Africans native to
      the region where they are produced. These things are more important
      to the development of peoples lives than who is in political control
      or what politician has the most money stashed away. I think arguably
      that an intelligent and capable African head of state deserves to
      have as much money as the Queen of England or Bill Gates for that
      matter. Here in America, individuals speculating in the stock market
      can amass wealth and power beyond that of a resource rich African
      I agree that Bongo is a better leader to his country than Bush or
      Blair. His political intelligence seems to be leaps and bounds
      beyond what Bush has to offer for instance. That is why I think that
      he is extremely important for Gabon and for Africa at this time.
      We have seen in America how term limits together with the influence
      of special interest in campaign politics has eroded the quality of
      leaders that are put in the positions of power. We are seeing that it
      is the "quality" not quantity that is important when it comes to
      political leadership.
      Also, what does it say about the leadership of African states if it
      is so easy for Chinese or any other powerful nation to gain economic
      or political control?
      So I support President Bongo and hope that his agenda reaches the
      ears of those world leaders in power who truly care about the
      development of the African continent. Maybe after the debaucle in
      Liberia, politicians(especially black leaders) here in the states
      will put more effort into understanding what economic development in
      Africa means to world stability.


      On Mon, 18 Aug 2003 02:16:49 -0000 "bobutne" <bobutne@...> writes:

      > M'bolo dupont.
      > President Omar Bongo must share (and, probably, abdicate)
      > the "stability to Gabon" mantle with the French (5,000 troops in
      > Gabon and a large garrison surrounding/protecting the Presidential
      > palace) who have worked to assure that he is kept in power. The 500
      > Moroccan Presidential Guard helps, too.
      > Bush and Blair are actually debasing the US and Britain world
      > hegemony by their unilateral actions. President Omar Bongo is doing
      > a better job for Gabon than GWB is doing for the US and world.
      > The door to Africa is becoming closed to the West and is being left
      > wide open for the Chinese to walk right in to gain economic and
      > political control. I could expound on this for many, many pages on
      > here but will desist for now.
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