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Afrotainment to Broadcast the 2011 Afrotainment-Museke Africa Music Awards

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  • noueco
    18 JULY 2011 ACCRA – JOHANNESBURG – NAIROBI – NEW YORK FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Afrotainment to Produce and Broadcast the 2011 Afrotainment-Museke Online
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      18 JULY 2011

      Afrotainment to Produce and Broadcast the 2011 Afrotainment-Museke Online Africa Music Awards Show on September 24 in New York

      As part of its ongoing efforts to showcase African Music in North America, Afrotainment and
      Museke Inc are pleased to announce a partnership whereby Afrotainment will be the exclusive
      broadcast and media partner for Museke's second annual online African music awards, which will
      now be known as the Afrotainment Museke Online Africa Music Awards.
      Eric Noue from Afrotainment said: "This collaboration reiterates Afrotainment's commitment to the
      North American market with an African music awards show being broadcasted for the first time Live
      on National TV in North America and via web streaming worldwide, reflecting yet another facet of our growth strategy"

      Awards Show
      In an evidence of growth for the online awards, the Afrotainment Museke Online Africa Music Awards – which are currently in the nominees' submission phase, will culminate on September 24 in
      Afrotainment New York City's studios, where the cream of the African music industry will gather at an Afro-glam red carpet event to recognise African talent as award winners are announced and
      celebrated. The Afrotainment Museke Online Africa Music Awards will be multicasted Live on the Afrotainment family of channels nationwide in the US and will also be viewable online via Live
      Streaming on the awards website, moamas.com and awards.afrotainment.us. Museke representative Tumi Diseko commented: "We are thoroughly excited to have concluded this agreement with Afrotainment, an entity which shares our passion for African entertainment. Hosting and screening the awards will help to bring the African music fan closer to their favourite artists, rightfully so, as Museke.com is The Home of the African Music Fan". The evening will feature performances by some of the best in African music as well as some artists who are well on their way to the top of the African music scene.

      About Afrotainment
      The AFROTAINMENT Family of channels is the FIRST and ONLY network of television channels
      in North America dedicated to broadcast the best African Movies, Series, Realities, Comedies, Music
      and coming soon Sports for the highly coveted African Diaspora in the USA. The AFROTAINMENT Family of channels includes: Afrotainment available on channel 751 on DISH Network and Afrotainment Music available on channel 667 on DISH Network. Afrotainment will soon be available on Cablevision's Optimum and is currently under review by Comcast.

      To learn more about The AFROTAINMENT Family of channels visit: www.afrotainment.us

      About Museke
      Museke.com was established in 2006 by a group of African music fans from across the continent with the vision of becoming a one-stop-shop for everything related to every African music genre across
      the continent. The website has since grown from strength to strength, featuring lyrics, interviews,biographies, new music and videos of thousands of artists on the continent and in the Diaspora.
      Museke Inc aims to harness African youths' growing access and use of internet and digital devices to create and develop a knowledge network for African talent and music.
      Interview requests may be forwarded to awards@...
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